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Vidico and Oliver Hume's collaboration was a perfect example of how video can leverage a strong existing corporate identity, and go further beyond to visualise the company's exciting plan for the future.
Evan, Creative Director of Vidico

Building Story.

Oliver Hume’s ambition for the project was to combine all aspects of their service model; from research backed advice, to property investment and management, to onsite sales.

Originally, the aim of the project was more orientated toward a brand commercial — but given the video’s end destination; the UDIA awards night, we thought it was crucial for the real estate community and investors at large to hear directly from the core team at Oliver Hume.

From there, our focus for the video was telling the Oliver Hume story from the perspective of the leadership team, enabling us to combine the rich foundations of Oliver Hume’s history with its exciting vision for the future.

Building Story.

Developing Brand.

When Oliver Hume approached us, they’d had decades to develop a strong brand name. While this gave us a large amount of material to build a story from, the challenge here was to develop a video that authentically resonated with the brand the market already knew and trusted.

We combined bespoke case study interviews with drone-site aerials, architectural cinematography and existing video collateral within their database to pull together all of their core services into one-flagship video.

The video was green-lit three weeks before the event, so the story, asset collation and production had to be efficient from end-to-end. We delivered the full video ahead of schedule — three days before the event night, as well as a smaller 1-minute cutdown for distribution on social media.

With Oliver Hume, we were able to explore more than just the physical attributes of a physical property. We were able to take a deep dive into the brand’s intense focus on data, service and customer experience — and how this filters into all aspects of its service.

Developing Brand.

Oliver Hume ❤️'s Vidico

Oliver Hume is without a doubt — one of Australia’s most reputable real estate services group and residential property fund. Vidico is determined to uphold and advance Oilver Hume’s brand value through exciting video initiatives such as this one!

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