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10 Best Explainer Video Examples For Marketers (2024)

We give a review on the best explainer video examples to watch before considering your own explainer video project this year.

Michael Pirone
August 31, 2021

Unlock the power of captivating storytelling with explainer videos! As an online business owner, bridging the gap between your solutions and your target audience’s understanding is crucial.

Studies have proven that 1 in 3 Americans don’t know how the Internet works. Now, imagine what part of your audience needs to get your technical jibber-jabber.

In this article, we’ll dive into the world of explainer videos, revealing how they can efficiently convey your brand’s story and capture your audience’s attention.

Let’s discover the best explainer video examples for 2024 and gain valuable insights for your video marketing strategies.


    Top 10 Amazing Website Explainer Video Examples To Bookmark

    1. Dropbox

    Explainer Type: Animated

    What Makes It Stand Out: In our digital age, the average person has at least two to three devices, and keeping track of all files can thus be a pain.

    This explainer video for a business describes a common problem the average internet user can relate to. Their animated explainer video managed to increase brand awareness and generate leads by combining animated elements with their video script.

    Use our VidiFit Quiz and discover the ideal video type tailored to your goals.

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    2. TripCase

    Explainer Type: Live Action Video

    What Makes It Stand Out: Traveling is exciting and fun. But travel management and preparation can sometimes spoil the excitement.

    Our short explainer video with TripCase explains how their app helps manage everything from booking to destination, making the experience more enjoyable.

    It made the impact of the new explainer video stronger, gathering feedback from customers who use the app.

    3. HubSpot

    Explainer Type: Animated

    What Makes It Stand Out: Artificial intelligence is the future. But only a few people truly understand what it is. HubSpot paints a beautiful picture of a world where AI and humans work together to make life easier.

    HubSpot’s explainer video is smooth sailing because it uses animations to illustrate the bright future that AI promises.

    4. Slack

    Explainer Type: Animated

    What Makes It Stand Out: Slack created animated whiteboard explainer videos that helped the brand gain more awareness and showcase its application.

    Its animated video starts with an unstreamlined workplace and shows how messy that can be. Then, it brings Slack in and shows how the app calms the noise and brings order back to the workplace.

    5. Spotify Anchor  

    Explainer Type: Animated

    What Makes It Stand Out: Spotify is one of Vidico’s significant clients, and Spotify Anchor’s video explains how podcasters can leverage Spotify’s anonymous audience data to improve new episodes.

    Our video demonstrates the application’s features and how they help you gain insights into and best serve your audience.

    We also share tips to leverage, make the most of the app, and grow your podcast business. Our client loved how drag-and-drop animation became engaging and visually appealing.

    6. PayPal

    Explainer Type: Live Action Video

    What Makes It Stand Out: In a fun and compelling way, PayPal uses musical comedy in their explainer video to show how the app is designed to make the sun brighter on payday.

    PayPal understands that time is of the essence for most people interested in the service. So, in a short video, they explain how easily you can create financial transactions.

    7. Sisense  

    Explainer Type: Animated

    What Makes It Stand Out: Building a meaningful and beautiful data dashboard for your business can be difficult. Vidico’s explainer video for Sisense highlights the software’s advanced tools.

    Our talented team shows how Sisense can manage your business data through analytics, music, and visuals.

    8. Airwallex  

    Explainer Type: Brand Animation

    What Makes It Stand Out: Online shopping has become commonplace. What’s challenging, though, is access to payment platforms.

    Airwallex’s video is one of the best explainer videos from Vidico that shows how it makes it easier for companies to send and receive money worldwide.

    Unlike live-action explainer videos with human interaction, an animated video explainer for Airwallex explains the product using animation from the beginning to ensure that it grabs the viewer’s attention and explains key features.

    9. Digital Ocean  

    Explainer Type: Animated SaaS Explainer

    What Makes It Stand Out: Many companies need help to set up a robust cloud computing system. Our explainer shows what Digital Ocean does and gives users tips on efficiently setting up and managing their systems.

    We understand that users need clarification when using the application. That’s why we designed a SaaS and tech explainer video to give non-technical users a firm grasp of the application from the start with a strong call-to-action that can be your sales funnel.

    10. AllTrails Pro  

    Explainer Type: Animated Explainer Video

    What Makes It Stand Out: AllTrails is a mobile fitness and travel app for outdoor recreational activities. In a partnership with Vidico, Alltrails Pro wants a video that introduces the platform’s pro version and prompts users to upgrade.

    Our professional animators used 2D animation explainer videos modernized with top-notch styles to create amazing explainer videos for AllTrails Pro.

    What is an Explainer Video?

    An explainer video is a short promotional video highlighting essential information and communicating the value of a brand’s products or services. It generates or heightens product knowledge and experience to help customers purchase.

    Vidico can make an explainer video for your company’s product and service. Most businesses use animated explainer videos as a marketing strategy to increase brand awareness, conversion rates, sales, and engagement with potential customers.

    Get a chance to work with talented and expert teams and fully manage workflow at an affordable price with Vidico. Take our VidiFit Quiz and get a clear pricing range for your animated explainer videos.

    Why is an Explainer Video Important? 

    • Increases your conversion rate

    Data show that landing pages featuring explainer videos have an 86% higher conversion rate. For instance, Dropbox has used just one animated explainer video to go from 0 to 100 million users.

    Moreover, 72% of businesses believe that explainer videos have improved their conversion rate.

    • Provides better explanations of the ins and outs of your service/product

    For instance, 97 percent of marketers say videos help users better understand their product. In addition, 47% of brands confirmed that explainer videos helped reduce user support requests. These videos can be a great way to educate your audience.

    • Significantly boosts engagement

    Google loves and prioritizes video content. So, from an organic search standpoint, video outperforms other types of content. And since explainer videos are geared towards addressing your audience’s concerns, they do a great job of meeting search intent and fostering engagement.

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    What Are the Best Types of Explainer Videos?

    App Videos

    An app is an explainer video that introduces an application and shows viewers what it is, what they can do with it, and how. With Vidico, every client gets to work with an expert video maker and video editor who will deliver results. Feel free to use our VidiFit quiz to learn more about our services.

    Product walkthrough

    Product walkthrough shows viewers the software’s usefulness and the ins and outs, describes its various features, and shows how they can achieve unique results. This animation footage is usually more extended than you can watch on YouTube and other social platforms.

    How-to videos are considered one of the most common explainer videos used in marketing. These short videos keep the audience engaged as they explain how the final product works.

    Product Overview & Animated Explainer Video

    Overview explainers are used for both physical and non-physical products. It helps you show what your product looks like and explain its value.

    Product Unboxing

    Product unboxing clips show the audience how to assemble or configure a product. Vidico can create an explainer to introduce each feature of your product and explain what it does with drag-and-drop animation and such.

    Lifestyle Video

    A lifestyle video shows the product or service used in the same situation and by a person with your audience’s exact needs and desires. It allows the viewer to see what their life would be like with your product.

    These live-action videos can give you a quick overview of how the product works; the Dollar Shave Club is a perfect example of a lifestyle video with a solid call to action.

    Trends & Innovations in Explainer Video Production

    • Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR): VR and AR transform explainer videos into immersive experiences. By incorporating these technologies, companies can create interactive environments where viewers can virtually engage with the product or service, enhancing understanding and retention.
    • Interactive Elements: Integrating interactive elements into explainer videos is a growing trend. This can include clickable areas within the video, allowing viewers to choose their path through the content or access additional information. This interactivity increases engagement and personalizes the viewer’s experience.
    • AI-Driven Content: Artificial Intelligence plays a significant role in customizing video content. AI can analyze viewer preferences and behaviors, enabling the creation of tailored explainer videos that resonate more effectively with different audience segments.
    • Animation and Motion Graphics: While not new, animated explainer video and motion graphics continue to be a popular trend due to their versatility and appeal. The latest advancements in this area include more sophisticated 3D animations and fluid motion graphics, making explainer videos more dynamic and visually captivating.
    • Minimalist and Simplified Design: There’s a growing preference for minimalist, clean designs in explainer videos. This approach focuses on simplicity and clarity, making complex information more digestible and less overwhelming for the audience.
    • Storytelling with a Human Touch: Personal stories and human-centered narratives are becoming more prevalent. These stories help create a connection with the audience, making the explainer video more relatable and memorable.
    • Incorporating Humor and Fun Elements: To make explainer videos more engaging, creators increasingly use humor and fun elements. This approach helps break down complex information and make the content more enjoyable and less intimidating.
    • Mobile Optimization: With the increasing use of mobile devices, explainer videos are optimized for mobile viewing. This includes considerations for shorter attention spans, vertical formats, and responsive design.
    • Sustainability and Social Responsibility Themes: Reflecting global concerns, explainer videos increasingly incorporate sustainability and social responsibility themes, resonating with viewers who value ethical and environmental considerations.


    What makes a good explainer video?

    A good explainer video craft has a customer-centric script to understand your audience’s needs, engaging language, and features a relatable main character.

    Remember the feature-benefit rule, highlighting the unique value your product offers. Your own explainer video must have concise and engaging storytelling.

    Whether live-action or animated videos, high-quality visuals and music must effectively communicate and capture your viewer’s attention.

    Are all explainer videos animated?

    No, not all explainer videos are animated. Vidico can create videos that are visually appealing, and it can be in the form of animation or live action.

    Awesome explainer videos with animation are ideal for complex subject matter that can be challenging to capture in live action. On the other hand, a live-action explainer video is ideal if you want to showcase real-life scenarios.

    We can use stock footage, free sound, screen recordings, and live streams to create a video explainer that suits your needs. To learn more about it, please answer the VidiFit quiz for transparent pricing and video type.

    Are explainer videos compelling?

    Yes, explainer videos are compelling because of their visual appeal, animated elements, sound effects, and ability to simplify a complex product or service.

    With the right explainer video type, simple animations, digital environment, and sound effects, we can create marketing and promotional videos that resonate with the target audience.

    Vidico can edit or create an explainer video with a personal touch to explain clearly how your product or service works. From storyboarding, shooting new scenes, voice recording, and video editing, Vidico can be your trusted partner for your next explainer video.

    Can I create an explainer video in-house, or should I hire professionals?

    While it’s possible to create an explainer video in-house, hiring professionals with expertise in video production can ensure a higher-quality result and save you time and effort.

    From the very beginning up to the actual product video, you can rely on Vidico,

    Ready to bring your message to life with a cutting-edge explainer video? Use our VidiFit Quiz and get transparent pricing to experience how marketing videos work for your business.

    How long should explainer videos be?

    Your explainer videos should be 60-90 seconds long for inbound and 30-45 seconds for outbound.

    The video should be a quick visual demonstration, and you can add music or voiceover. Choosing the right person to cast the voice-over narration will be best, which makes sense, especially if it involves cute characters.

    Take our 90-second VidiFit quiz to get a clear pricing range for your next video project.

    How to Connect to Your Core Audience Using Animated Explainer Videos

    Do you need help to connect with new audiences? Vidico exists to help companies like you win more customers by creating videos that appeal to people’s emotions.

    Creating explainer videos that will surely reach the target audience can be challenging, and we can be your trusted partner. We can make character animations, whiteboard animations, explainer video templates, and edit whiteboard explainer videos for your product or service.

    We can promote your company’s product using the best explainer video software, explainer video maker, and explainer video template.

    You are one explainer video example away from breaking the Internet. Will you hop on? Try out the VidiFit quiz for a clear pricing range, or Book a free video strategy session today.

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