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How Much Does An Explainer Video Cost In 2022?

If you’re planning to create a huge marketing asset like an explainer video, surely you will wonder how much does an explainer video cost? Let’s explore it!

Laura Chaves
June 15, 2022

How much does an explainer video cost?

Anywhere between $10,000 and $18,000.

But that doesn’t explain the cost, does it?

If you’re planning to create a huge marketing asset like an explainer video, you’ll want to make sure you have the budget and something you can reflect on to measure the ROI of every dollar you put into it.

Considering that, the first thing that comes to mind is the investment required to produce one that meets your industry standards. But as you can imagine, there is no set price for explainer video production.

However, several factors explain the cost of explainer video production. These factors can help you better understand how much you should budget for explainer videos in our times.

In this article, you will discover how much you should budget to produce a quality explainer video. We will also explain the factors that go into setting the prices and how the process of producing these videos is really worth the cost.


Explainer Video Production Cost Estimation In 2022
Explainer Video Type Video Length Include Script Cost Estimation
Animated Explainer 90 seconds or + Yes. $11,180 – $17,560
90 seconds or + No. $11,440 – $17,980
Live-action Explainer 90 seconds or + Yes. $10,200 – $12,460
90 seconds or + No. $9,910 – $12,110

Note: We used VidiFit to identify these cost margins. It is a video production cost estimator. It lets you choose the type of video you want and the specifics on which you want it to be produced. Then it deducts the right cost margin you should budget. Get your estimate now.


    What Factors Drive Explainer Video Production Costs?

    As per data from VidiFit, a good quality 90 seconds animated explainer video, you can expect any cost between $11,180 and $17,980. For a live-action explainer video, you should expect any cost between $10,200 and $12,460.

    In a nutshell, the average price range for an explainer video is between $10,200 and $17,560.

    Here are the main video production factors that drive the cost for producing explainer videos.

    Video Type

    The type of explainer video you want to produce is the first factor determining its production cost. An explainer video can be live-action or animation, and production costs will vary accordingly.

    In general, animated videos require much more work than live-action videos and are more expensive. It is essential to understand that the camera does most of the work with live-action video. In a way, it could be argued that it is all about recording the video and editing it.

    But animated explainer video requires a slightly more meticulous process and more creativity.

    Designers and other video production professionals produce these videos from scratch. They first design graphic elements driven by shapes, characters, environments, etc., then animate them to create the video.

    Video Length

    The length of an explainer video largely determines the cost of its production. And as you can imagine, the shorter the video, the cheaper it is—and the longer the video, the higher the cost.

    The ideal is to produce videos that are 60 seconds long or around. Video marketing statistics show that these videos have about the same results as longer videos. And also, in light of the human attention span that’s constantly shrinking, the lesser you can keep your videos, the better.

    Target Platform

    The platform on which you intend to publish the video may not directly impact the cost of the output of the video. But it helps producers to define the best format and specifications to achieve the perfect video for optimum results.

    As a result, video production companies consider the target platform when setting the production cost. Think about it, a video intended to be broadcast on TV and one meant to be shown on social platforms cannot have the same production standards.

    Script Development

    Typically, writing the video script is an integral part of the explainer video production, and video production companies will set the explainer video cost, taking into account the script. 

    But if you feel that you can better describe your product to your audience, then you can choose to write it yourself.

    In this case, the video production company has no reason to charge for the script. Therefore, you will end up spending less on the video production. Studio script writing costs anywhere between $250 and $2,500, so it can be an excellent way to cut the production cost if you can write the script.

    Project Scope

    The project scope will also determine how the production company charges the production cost. A customer who buys products in bulk and one who buys a single unit will not be charged the same prices. The same rule applies to video production.

    Explainer video costs will vary depending on whether you want a one-time video, a project (i.e., producing multiple videos as part of a campaign), or a retainer subscription—you’ll need regular production as part of a consistent content marketing strategy. The idea is that the more videos you ask the company to produce, the more flexible they can be on their pricing.

    The Production Company’s Standards

    A video production company’s portfolio can also impact the cost of producing the explainer video. It’s just like with any service; you set the price based on the experience and quality of the result you promise. So a company that produces videos for brands like Amazon, Apple, Shopify, or Google may have higher prices than other companies in the industry.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that the company may set prices based on the quality of the video production tools they work with. For example, there are different kinds of cameras, and they deliver different video qualities. Without a doubt, the best quality cameras are the most expensive, and a company that works with such tools may charge more than the norm.

    Ideally, you should know that the company also invests in getting a quality video that you will like, so it tries to quote the production cost accordingly.

    The Production Process Vs The Cost.

    The explainer video production process and the required equipment can also give you a better understanding of the cost. 

    Here is an overview of the explainer video production process to make sense of its production cost.

    Understanding your product

    The best way to make a great live-action explainer video is to take the time to understand what features matter to your audience and how to best highlight them. That’s why conducting research and interviews with the client to understand the product is important.

    When it comes to animated explainer videos, it is essential to understand the product so that the visual and audio elements can complement each other and effectively communicate the target message.

    The research you conduct at this stage will also determine such video specs as the ideal video length, the best format to rock the audience, the right vertical for the script, etc.

    Writing the script

    The script is the storyline and narrative used in your explainer video. Developing a good explainer video script requires expertise and product experience. The video production team will research your product, audience, and industry before achieving a quality script.

    If you, as the client, provide a script, this section won’t matter, resulting in a lower production cost. But it’s always best to let the video production company produce the script.

    They usually have experts who can craft unique stories and break down your product into powerful scripts that captivate the audience.

    Designing the storyboard

    Whether it’s an animated explainer video or a live-action one, video professionals take the time to hand-sketch everything that will happen in the video.

    Technically, they paint the video on a paper or board. The storyboard will include the characters, environments, objects, and everything else that needs to go into the video and, most importantly, “how” they go in.

    Preparing the set and the scene

    This only applies to live-action explainer videos. At this stage, the video production team will prepare the setting they’ll use for the shooting. This stage may include choosing a location and installing video production equipment like cameras, props, lighting tools, reflectors, microphones, etc. 

    Hiring talent

    This applies to both live-action and animated explainer videos.

    Characters in your live-action explainer video should be actual people. If you prefer, you or your employees can be the actors in your video. But it’s always best to shoot for a professional video. That’s why we always recommend hiring professional actors to nail the scenes for you.

    For an animated explainer, while you may not need actors to perform in animation videos, you might need to hire someone to record the voice-over.

    Shooting the video or Designing the animation

    This is the stage where the video is actually produced.

    • If it’s a live-action explainer video, the production team will work together with the actors to set the scenes and record the video.
    • If it’s an animated explainer video, the animators will design the whole video from scratch and create beautiful visuals based on your requirements. Also, they’ll record and develop the sound and voice-over here.


    Editing is the last stage and where the production team bring all the elements together into an explainer video you’ll use for your marketing activities. For example, they’ll add sound effects, attach the audio or voice-over to the video, and do all the tweaking the video needs to be ready.

    Nailing this stage might include paying and using video editing and production software like Adobe Illustrator, Biteable, Vyond, and the likes. Most likely, the production team will let you weigh in at this stage so they can use your insights to make the video exactly what you want.

    Find How Much An Explainer Video Will Cost You With VidiFit

    Pricing may vary depending on your video’s specs. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that you define the specifics of the explainer video you want to be sure of the correct price range you should consider. That’s why you need a tool like VidiFit.

    VidiFit allows you to choose the attributes you need for your explainer video and deduces the exact margin for production cost. Try it now.

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