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15 Amazing Explainer Video Examples You Need To Bookmark in 2022

We give a review on the best explainer video examples to watch before considering your own explainer video project this year.

Michael Pirone
August 31, 2021

If you are an online business owner, you might want to consider that a big chunk of your target audience has no idea what solutions you offer. Even while the value of your product might seem apparent to you, it won’t be the same with your target audience. 

Studies have proven that 1 in 3 Americans don’t know how the Internet works. Now, imagine what part of your audience doesn’t get your technical jibber-jabber.

Anyway, don’t panic. You are in the right place. It only takes one great explainer video to efficiently tell your brand’s story and win your target’s attention.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about explainer videos and how to create them for your video marketing strategies. You will also get our list of the best explainer video examples for 2022.


    What is an Explainer Video?

    An explainer video is a short promotional video highlighting essential information and communicating the value of a brand’s products or services. It is used to generate or heighten product knowledge and experience to help customers make a purchase. Think of it as a brief, informative, not boring sales pitch.

    Why is an Explainer Video Important? 

    There are quite a few arguments to support that explainer videos are a must. Here are some:

    • Increases your conversion rate

    Data show that landing pages featuring explainer videos have an 86% higher conversion rate. For instance, Dropbox has used just one animated explainer video to go from 0 to 100 million users

    Moreover, 72% of businesses believe that explainer videos have improved their conversion rate. 

    • Provides better explanations of the ins and outs of your service/product

    If your product, as practical as it is, seems complex, you have no choice but to help your users get the hang of it. And that’s where explainer videos come in.  

    People learn quickly from videos. For instance, 97 percent of marketers say videos help users better understand their product. In addition, 47% of brands confirmed that explainer videos helped reduce user support requests. So, these videos can be a great way to educate your audience. 

    • Significantly boosts engagement

    Google loves and prioritizes video content. So, from an organic search standpoint, video outperforms other types of content. And since explainer videos are geared towards addressing your audience’s concerns, they do a great job of meeting search intent and fostering engagement.

    What are the best types of explainer videos?

    Depending on your product, there are different types of explainer videos you can use to create an explainer video. It’s even possible to combine some types into one explainer video. 

    App videos

    An app video is an explainer video that introduces an application and shows viewers what it is, what they can do with it, and how. It combines different animation styles to portray the app, provide a visual context, and show viewers the app’s UI. 

    The video also talks about the target audience, why they’ll need the app, as well as the UX they can expect. App videos are mainly used for product launches, and they help quickly educate viewers on the value of the app.  

    Product walkthrough

    Product videos are similar to app videos, but they are more relevant to large technology companies with specialized and expensive software products. Think about products like Salesforce, HubSpot, or RingCentral; a simple app video won’t cut it. Instead, product walkthrough videos offer more value. 

    These explainer videos combine live action and animation to help the audience navigate the software. They show viewers the usefulness and the ins and outs of the software, describe its various features, and show how they can achieve unique results. Most often, these explainer videos are longer than average. 

    Product overview

    Product overview explainer videos are used for both physical and non-physical products. They can be based on live-action videos or animations. Often they combine both for physical products. But the same cannot be said for digital products.  

    Product explainer videos help you show what your product looks like and communicate its value. You’ll show all of its features, explain to the audience what they can do with the product and the impact it will have on their lives. These videos are common on social media, online stores, and e-commerce platforms. You can also create one for your website or Etsy store if you sell digital products.

    Product unboxing

    As the name implies, a product unboxing video involves you unpacking your product in front of a camera instead of simply displaying the product in front of a color background. In general, the purpose of unboxing videos is to show the audience how to assemble or configure a product—that needs such. You can introduce each feature of your product, explain what it does and show how they all fit together to form the product. 

    These videos work because users like to feel the first impression of using a product. Especially if your product’s packaging and physical appeal matter to your audience, you should make an unboxing video. 

    Lifestyle video

    This type of explainer video allows you to show your product or service in the context of use. It shows the product or service being used in the same situation and by a person with the exact needs and desires as your audience. This allows the viewer to see what their life would be like with your product. It also acts as a case study, as the video shows the impact of the product on the user, which helps justify its value.

    15 Amazing Explainer Video Examples You Need To Bookmark

    Now that you know the importance of explainer videos, here are 15 great examples you can learn from to create your own explainer video.

    1. Dropbox

    In the digital age we live in, the average person has at least two to three devices. Keeping track of all files can thus be a pain. 

    Dropbox’s animated explainer video for business describes a common problem the average internet user can relate to. And that positions the company as a hero.

    2. TripCase

    Traveling is exciting and fun. But travel management and preparation can sometimes spoil the excitement. In this short explainer video, TripCase explains how its app helps manage everything from booking to destination, making the experience more enjoyable.

    The impact of the video is made even stronger by the fact that the story is told by a customer who uses the app and explains how it relieved her of her burden–which makes it easier for TripCase’s audience to relate.

    3. HubSpot

    Artificial intelligence is the future. But only a few people truly understand what it is. HubSpot paints a beautiful picture of a world where AI and humans work together to make life easier. 

    This explainer video uses animations to illustrate the bright future that AI promises. And it helps Hubspot’s audience better relate to the concept.

    4. Slack

    Slack has gotten one of the best explainer video examples out there. The video first describes an unstreamlined workplace and shows how messy that can be. Then it brings Slack in and shows how the app calms the noise and brings order back to the workplace. 


    The video also shows the user interface and gives an overview of the features. That way, it addresses any objections you might have about the app’s ease of use.

    5. Spotify Anchor  

    Anchor’s video explains how podcasters can leverage Spotify’s anonymous audience data to improve new episodes. The video also demonstrates the application’s features and how they help you gain insights into and best serve your audience. They also share tips that you can leverage to make the most of the app and grow your podcast business. You will love the smooth transitions between images and the clean animation of the video. 

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    6. PayPal

    In a fun and compelling way, PayPal uses musical comedy in their explainer video to show how the app is designed to make the sun brighter on payday. 

    PayPal understands that time is of the essence for most people interested in the service. So in a short video, they explain how easily you can make financial transactions.

    7. Sisense  

    Building a meaningful and beautiful data dashboard for your business can be difficult. This explainer video first highlights the software’s advanced tools. Then it shows how it helps manage your business data through analytics and visuals.  

    This allows you to visualize a more streamlined dashboard that makes you more productive.

    8. Airwallex  

    Nowadays, online shopping has become very commonplace. What’s challenging, though, is access to payment platforms. Airwallex’s video shows how it makes it easier for companies to send and receive money worldwide.  

    9. Digital Ocean  

    Many companies struggle to set up a robust cloud computing system. That video is one of the best explainer videos because it shows what Digital Ocean does. And it also gives users tips on setting up and managing their systems efficiently. 

    The company understands that users can be confused when using the application. That’s why the video is designed to give non-technical users a firm grasp of the application from the start.

    10. AllTrails Pro  

    AllTrails is a mobile fitness and travel app used for outdoor recreational activities. Their video introduces the platform’s pro version and prompts users to upgrade. 

    That video is one of the best explainer videos out there, for it does a great job of summarizing what’s in it for users. The best thing about AllTrails’ video is that it’s the perfect example of 2d animation explainer video modernized with top-notch styles.

    11. Uber Eats  

    Uber Eats is eating up the restaurant industry by changing the way people run their restaurants. Their animated video is great because it shows the app’s user interface, what it does, and how it makes running a restaurant easier–all at once. It was distributed across 27 different countries, alongside multiple translations.

    If you’re animating any UI in a video under 60-90 seconds, you should be simplifying close to 80% of the actual app or product dashboard. Learn more insights here.

    12. Airtable  

    If you have ever handled an excel sheet, you know how much of a headache it can be. Well gone are those days now. 

    In its animated video, Airtable positions itself as the ideal all-in-one tool for marketing teams. This video does a great job of enhancing product messaging, which will result in increased conversion.

    13. Data Migrator  

    Data Migrator (DM) is IBM’s DataStage solution for organizations of all sizes. They use this animated video to highlight their user interface and answer the most burning questions users might have. This explainer video does a great job of explaining how DM works and how users can enjoy it. You can learn more about this project here.

    14. Suubee

    Creating an application can be difficult. But using it shouldn’t be. Suubee’s explainer video explains what users can do with the software and how they can do it. It also showcases different features to give non-techy users a handle on the software before committing to using it. 

    15. Amazon Go 

    The new Amazon Go shopping service is a new feature that customers may not be familiar with yet. In their explainer video, Amazon breaks the ins and outs of this feature, helping users get hooked on the new service. 

    The video also used a real-life example of an in-store playtime to make the message more impactful. This way, viewers can picture themselves in the situation and easily engage with the app.

    3 Most Common Asked Questions About Explainer Videos

    You would love to know a few things before designing an explainer video. 

    What Makes a Good Explainer Video?

    Here are a few of the best practices you need to keep to create amazing explainer videos. 

    • Customer-centric script

    If you know a thing or two about marketing, you 100% understand that the customer is king. You have to take an empathetic approach to writing your script and designing your videos so that they appeal to your audience’s emotions. 

    To do this perfectly, you or your explainer video production company will need to:

    1. Understand your audience and their needs before writing the script.
    2. Find the correct language and style to inform and engage them. 
    3. Serve your audience what they want and not what you want to serve them.
    4. Create a main character your audience will relate to, and write the script around him/her. 
    5. Keep the most important information at the beginning. 
    • Feature-benefit rule

    For every feature or functionality you mention about your product, be sure to highlight the unique value it offers to your potential customers. Your customers won’t care about product features if they don’t know the benefits they get from them. In other words, people don’t buy the features; they buy the benefits.

    Putting the “features-benefits” rule into practice means that for every product feature, you talk about its benefits. This is an effective way to ensure that your explainer videos resonate with your customers and that they see the actual value of your product. 

    For example, instead of just telling your customers that you sell wireless headphones, tell them that you do and add that: 

    1. It makes their movements easier. 
    2. They won’t have to worry about the cable getting tangled and taking minutes to find and straighten. 
    3. They won’t have to worry about the jack input breaking the sound. 
    4. And more.
    • Concise and simple

    Conveying a brand message or information shouldn’t be hard. That’s the whole idea behind explainer videos. Your goal is to foster engagement and boost retention. As such, you need to keep things concise and straightforward. If anything seems confusing or hard to grasp by the average Joe, drop it. 

    Are All Explainer Videos Animated?

    There are a gazillion explainer video formats, and each does a great job at attracting your viewers’ attention. But, each one is designed to meet specific needs and objectives perfectly. It is, therefore, essential to know which will resonate most with your audience. If you are having trouble figuring it out, get help from an explainer video agency.

    Here are some of the most common explainer video formats. 

    • 2D animation videos: The traditional animation format. It lets you use characters and flat spaces to create movement in a two-dimensional space. 
    • 3D animation videos: The most used in the tech space. Just like portrayed in video games, 3D utilizes motion to give life to the characters.
    • Motion graphic videos: Uses designed graphic elements such as shapes, characters, images, text, etc., and infuses them with movement to create animated videos. 
    • Stop motion videos: It integrates live-action sequences with traditional character animation to create an impression of movement.
    • Real film videos: Unlike animations, real films consist of shooting live action video footage of real people’s activities. The TripCase and PayPal explainer videos are perfect examples of this.
    • Whiteboard animation videos: This is the good old classic type of animation. It uses static images to sketch illustrations on the screen to sell a product or describe a system–like in the Dropbox example.

    How Long Should Explainer Videos Be?

    Your explainer videos should be 60-90 seconds long for inbound and 30-45 seconds long for outbound. The video should be a quick visual demonstration with a guiding voice. So, you’ll also need to choose the right person to cast the voice-over narration. 

    And if you already find that stressful, you can still hire a video production company to have the best outcome.

    Also, you should mention relevant information at the beginning and build interest before the customer leaves. Remember, the average attention span is 5 seconds. Catch it. Or. Lose. It.

    How to Connect to Your Core Audience Leveraging Explainer Videos

    Are you struggling to connect with new audiences? If only people could easily understand how your AI-based software works.

    Well, they could, only you have to speak to them in a language they understand. And that’s why Vidico exists–to help companies like you win more customers by creating videos that appeal to people’s emotions.

    So, let us create an explainer video that takes the complexity out of your product and leaves room for a platform that is loved and understood by all.

    You are one explainer video example away from breaking the Internet. Will you hop on? Book a free, video strategy session today.


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