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8 Examples of Well-Done Healthcare Marketing Videos

Ernest Bio Bogore
August 10, 2022

The State of Video in 2024

There is no immediate correlation between healthcare and marketing. So, the term “healthcare marketing videos” may strike you as a non-lieu since you are not a for-profit business model. At least, that’s not how you lend yourself or your company’s services. 

So, if you are wondering how you can use video marketing to promote your healthcare services, offer your patients a better experience and win more clients, you have come to the right place. 

We listed eight healthcare marketing videos you can learn from to create your own. But first, let’s discuss how creating healthcare marketing videos benefit your organization or clinic. 

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    Top reasons why you need to use healthcare marketing videos for success

    The main value you should expect in using video marketing for your healthcare activities mainly resides in the experience you will offer them and how you communicate with them. Let’s discuss the main benefits of using video marketing in your healthcare organization.

    Keeping up with the new healthcare industry trends

    The healthcare industry is evolving faster than ever, and your marketing and communication strategies must catch up. We are increasingly relying on technology to access healthcare, and the COVID-19 pandemic highlights how important it has become with apps, wearable sensors, etc. 

    Not surprisingly, telehealth or virtual physician visits has become a significant trend in recent years. According to McKinsey, telehealth services are 38 times more popular than before COVID-19. 

    The immediate implication is that healthcare professionals must also up their games to meet customers’ current expectations, especially with how they strategize healthcare operations and how they communicate with the patients and their families. 

    Video tutorials and demos are effective ways to instruct people. You can use these to walk your clients through new procedures and help them make the most out of medical tools and healthcare options now available to them.

    Creating an excellent experience for patients

    Healthcare marketing videos are perfect for sharing on your social media channels and your organization’s website landing page. You can use them to create unique navigation and excellent first-time experiences for your patients.

    For example, on your website, you can upload a video describing your services and how patients can access them instead of scrolling through a wall of text. You can also unveil new facilities, equipment, products, or services with fun videos across your website, social media, or even on your healthcare facilities. Patients can find what they need quickly without struggling or scrolling for long periods. 

    Also, videos offer a better way to learn about and explain complex topics. And it’s not a secret that healthcare topics aren’t anything like household discussions. Videos allow you to use illustrations, 2D, 3D, Graphics, and all sorts of animations to explain things and get patients to understand. 

    Making healthcare less about stress and anxiety

    For most people, going to medical facilities or the clinic atmosphere mostly brings up nervousness and anxiety. Creating fun facility tour videos will help you dispel that anxiety and give people a fun way to navigate your facilities.

    Also, creating explainer videos can help you illustrate a procedure or service with animation or even live-action clips. This can help you remove the mystery about a surgery, procedure, or service and keep your client’s mind at ease.

    You can also use video marketing to create caring, compassionate messages for patients. Think about entertaining “Get Well Soon”, “Pick Me Up” or “You Are Not Alone” styles of videos. This will work especially if you have a children’s audience and include entertaining elements in the videos. 

    Building trust and humanizing your healthcare organization

    Because of the sensitive nature of our health, we always have a ton of questions and are worried about who is going to treat us or prescribe our medication. Videos offer you an effective way to remedy this and commend trust with your clients from the kickoff. 

    For example, you can create a medical animation video to promote staff visibility and recognition. In such videos, you can quickly present the faces and credentials of the healthcare team at your organization to dispel all pre-appointments concerns.

    You can also create meet-the-doctor videos. The videos generally feature doctors’ credential recitals as well as personal interviews. Patients get to see doctors and get an experience with them before the actual treatment operation unfolds. 

    The interest of such videos is that they both help break the ice with new patients, get them to trust your staff and physicians, and also offer an excellent way to humanize your healthcare organization. 

    Furthermore, it promotes your business goals by allowing your staff and physicians to share their education, training, and expertise, which boosts professional relationships within your organization.

    Sharing powerful stories and winning more business

    Think about videos like patient testimonials. These are stories from people your patients relate to. And watching such videos of happy patients sharing their experiences and seeing your healthcare teams or physicians put happiness and smiles back into patients’ lives is reassuring and provides valuable connections for patients. 

    By asking patients to share their happy endings, you can demonstrate your expertise and provide real-life examples of what it’s like to be cared for by your organization.

    8 excellent examples of healthcare marketing videos 

    Here are unique examples of health marketing videos you can learn from to inspire your own. 

    • UCLA Mattel Hospital

    Going to healthcare centers doesn’t have to be all about stress. You can dispel all patients’ nervousness with the perfect video. The video tour of the Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA provides guidance to new patients about the facility’s whereabouts. Also, it helps to put a smile on children’s faces and demonstrate the hospitality of the people at the care center. Such videos help soothe patients’ nerves and set them up for a good mood and experience at the healthcare center. 

    • Halaxy

    All aspects of our lives are evolving thanks to technology, but the medical space still seems to be an area where these changes are slow. Halaxy’s healthcare marketing video does a great job of describing the status quo physicians and patients live in, highlighting what could be improved for both parties and showcasing a new approach that makes operations more straightforward. This video production approach allows viewers to see the value they are missing out on and encourages them to consider the product. 

    • CirrusMD

    CirrusMD’s video emphasizes the statement that there is a better way to access care and treat patients. This video is for the benefit of both patients and physicians. The video promotes a telehealth platform, shows viewers how it easily and rapidly connects patients with real doctors—not bots—and educates them on how to get the most out of the platform. 

    So, as a physician or a healthcare institution, you should consider such demo videos if you offer telehealth services. It helps you give your patients the information they need in real time and get them aboard for your new service easily. 

    • Apollo Hospital

    If you are looking for a video that’ll help you build a connection with your patience and get them to trust you, Apollo Hospital has a great example you can emulate. This patient testimonial video features a patient and their family sharing their experience with a heart attack and the help the hospital has provided them. 

    People are mostly and rightfully skeptical of choosing healthcare institutions. Such videos help illustrate the care and results they can expect from your organization, and it helps them mumble up confidence and trust you more. 

    • Illumina

    If you specialize in a specific treatment as a healthcare organization, clinic or physician, Illumina’s video has a lot to teach you. The company is niched in array-based solutions for DNA, RNA, and protein analysis that serve as tools for disease research, drug development, and molecular tests in the clinic. And they’ve created the perfect case study video for the benefit of their future patients.

    • Celo

    Celo is a communication and community platform for healthcare organizations and medical staff. The video is an excellent example of an explainer video for healthcare professionals’ benefit. It brings out and explains all the cool features of the product and instructs healthcare professionals on the value they can get from it.

    • CHI St. Luke’s Health Center

    This physician interview video is the perfect example of a meet-the-doctor style of healthcare video. CHI St. Luke’s Health Center nails this alright and OK. The video quickly introduces the physician, highlights their education, discusses a few feats they’ve achieved, and basically sums up the professional life of the physician concerned. 

    Such videos help patients learn more about physicians prior to care operations. It answers questions such as “who is going to treat them and whether or not they could trust the physician”. 

    • Carebit

    Carebit helps healthcare professionals streamline and automate their administrative tasks. Patients can access the platform to self-book appointments with doctors, find answers to their questions, and much more. Doctors get real-time updates and across-the-board patient data. Creating such an explainer video helps educate your healthcare staff and patients on your new services or procedures.

    Healthcare marketing videos

    Healthcare marketing videos

    Five things you need to consider when creating healthcare marketing videos

    • Nail the script

    The script is one of your video’s most (if not the most) essential components. It is essentially the message you convey through the video, and writing one upfront helps you eliminate on-screen guesses and focus on what’s important. 

    • Make it simple

    A lot of us are easily tripped up by healthcare terminologies. You should always keep your videos simple and use a language viewers can understand. Also, the tone and fluidness of videos play a significant role in how they are digested. So, you should ensure the video is clear with no dramatic or scary elements. 

    • Balance the fun

    Healthcare centers are not the most fun places. People often have different feelings in such places, and it will not always be a good idea to create videos that seek to induce laughter or use background music that promotes an ambiance patients don’t identify with in their situation. So, keep this in mind and be meticulous about your approach and the video’s overall look and feel.

    • Keep it short

    Video length always has an immediate correlation with its performance. Long videos tend to bore people and cause them to leave before it’s finished. So, we recommend that you shoot for videos of around 3 minutes or less for maximum results on your website. But if you want to post the videos in your facilities, you can shoot up to 5 to 10 minutes of videos. 

    • Tell a story

    Stories keep people engaged and focused on your message, and stories sell best. Creating story-based healthcare videos gives your organization a human dimension and makes your audience more receptive to your services and staff. So, always strive to find the best narrative to keep viewers engaged throughout your video.

    Work with Vidico to create your healthcare marketing videos.

    Creating healthcare marketing videos is more about demonstrating your value to your future patients than selling your services. And that’s the big difference between healthcare marketing materials and all other industries. 

    Because you’re not a for-profit business model, your marketing initiatives should in no way feel like marketing. It is much more about giving a human dimension to your organization and proving your commitment to treating patients and making their lives better. 

    Short on healthcare marketing video ideas? Talk with us.

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