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10 Best E-commerce Video Ads Examples 

Michael Pirone
May 13, 2022

The State of Video in 2023

In today’s digital world, people want to feel and see the products they are about to buy from every angle before making a decision. 

Therefore, an immersive product experience through e-commerce video ads is the only way to convert more prospects into customers. 

In this article, we have researched and shared a list of 10 amazing e-commerce videos that you can emulate to create your video ads. You will also learn what specific types of videos you need to create and the key points you can leverage to make them the best they can be. 

Let’s get started.


    Top 3 reasons why you need to create e-commerce video ads

    Creating e-commerce video ads is mandatory to the success of your online store. Here are the top three reasons why. 

    • Your clients watch e-commerce video ads to make decisions about your product.

    According to a survey, 72% of customers say they would rather learn about a product or service through video. Besides, watching product videos to make decisions about products is ingrained in modern-day buyers. 

    Social platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have become today’s consumers’ go-to sources to look for information and gather opinions about products before making any buying decisions. 

    Case in point, a 2022 GWI Gen Z report has found that 69% of Gen Zers rely on Instagram to find out about products and brands, and 46% of them use TikTok. In fact, since your store is online, it only makes sense that you create video ads and share them to the different places your target audience spends time online. 

    Not only will using video ads allow you to showcase your product and be where your shoppers are, but it will also ensure that you offer relevant content consistent with your market and its customers—which will increase brand recognition and result in more sales. 

    • E-commerce video ads make you gain trust and credibility.

    Videos use vocal and visual cues to convey product information—in a way that other content types can’t. 

    It means that your customer will see actual people using or talking about your product rather than just reading written words or sifting through still product photos. This helps them enjoy a brick-and-mortar store-like experience, and they’ll trust you more.  

    It also adds a certain human feel to your marketing strategy as a cherry on top. Your customers can see the actual people behind the products they’re interested in, and it humanizes your brand, and viewers will trust and relate to you better. 

    • E-commerce videos ads convert better.

    Using e-commerce video ads will allow you to demonstrate how your product looks in real life in a way that photos and written words can’t. You can highlight your product’s different parts or components and tell the audience how they function along with their unique benefits, which can easily convince them to buy. 

    Also, viewers will have a much better experience and knowledge of your product. This will help create unique and better impressions about your product and brand. On top of that, videos facilitate storytelling. You can take your product and put it in a context so that your audience can envision it impacting their life, and they’ll relate better. That’s why video is known as a powerful conversion tool. 

    Not surprisingly, according to HubSpot, 94% of marketers agree that videos have made their products and services more understandable to users. Furthermore, in the same HubSpot survey, 86% of marketers say video is an effective lead generation tool, and 81% believe video drives sales. Interestingly, an OptinMonster survey concluded that up to 84% of people are convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.

    What types of e-commerce videos you should create for ads

    Here are the top video types that move the needle for e-commerce companies.

    • Product highlights videos

    This is the most common type of e-commerce video ad. Product highlight videos allow you to present your product’s main features and benefits in a concise and informative way. The viewers can see, for example, what your product looks like in detail and how it is composed. You can create a short video showing different product features on a solid color background. 

    You can mix your shots by taking close-up and distant shots to be more effective. If necessary, you can also use animated graphics to highlight your product’s different features and body parts. 

    • Lifestyle videos

    Lifestyle videos show a product in use by its target audience. The video will highlight the product’s features and benefits, and it helps viewers envision themselves enjoying the perks of your product—which can lead them to buy. 

    • Explainer videos

    You can use explainer videos to tell your audience what your product is about, what it does, and why they might be interested in buying it. You can record yourself (or your team) explaining the concepts if you wish. Alternatively, you could use animated graphics to bring your ideas to life and provide a better and easier understanding of your product.

    • Unboxing videos

    The unboxing video means showing your product in its package and then recording while unboxing it. Unboxing videos are especially effective when the aesthetics of your product, both the item itself and the packaging, are truly important to your prospects. Unboxing and using these products for the first time are generally enjoyable for users—that’s why this video is important. 

    • Comparison video

    In comparison videos, you demonstrate how your product is more effective than the average on the market in solving your audience’s problem. It may be interesting to talk about differences in prices or the consequences of using them. The Bailey and Nelson video is an excellent example of this (Video coming below). 

    It’s also good to highlight your product’s unique features and pain points that other products don’t address. You can also identify unnecessary features in their products and tell how yours is simple. Like The Dollar Shave Club did (coming below). 

    • Customer testimonial videos

    Video testimonials feature your happy customers narrating their experiences with your products. You can easily demonstrate how effective the products you sell are and show that the marketing claims in your materials are valid. 

    • How-to or demo videos

    These videos help you show your target audience how to use your product. It can help show them how the product works and what they can gain from it. 

    10 Amazing e-commerce video ads examples to learn from

    Now that we have cleared the main reasons your e-commerce company needs to create videos, let’s show you some of the best examples of e-commerce store video ads and why we think they deserve to be on this list. 

    • Dollar Shave Club: Our Blades Are F***ing Great

    The Dollar Shave Club e-commerce video ad is iconic, and the chances are that you’ve seen it. The video counts 27 million views on YouTube as of this writing, and it is still counting. In a nutshell, the video went viral for three reasons: a) it’s simple, b) it’s fun to watch, and c) it shows the product’s value. 

    The video stars the company’s CEO Michael Dubin and tells the viewers why they need to ditch the competition and buy from them. He describes how their product cuts on the useless materials and only features what the customer will need—and how this helps them achieve what they need from the product. He also touches on the company’s social endeavors, which makes most people relate to the brand. 


    • Comfortworks: Vidico x Comfortworks – Brand Video

    If you sell a service online, there are four components that will make a video ad successful for your company. First thing, show your audience what you do. Second, show them you do it. Third, you let them see the outcome. Fourth, let them know how they can find you. Comfortworks’ video ad does this very well.

    The company helps its customers design and rejuvenate their sofas, and their 1-minute video ad helps get the point across easily. The video uses a simplistic approach to what the company does and highlights everything clients can expect from the company and the results they’ll get. 


    • Temple and Webster: Vidico x Temple & Webster — TVC Campaign

    Any video ad that lasts less than 45 seconds is fun and properly gets the point across is a winner. Temple & Webster’s ad video is an excellent example of this. The video is designed for a TV commercial campaign, and it was brilliantly kept for around thirty seconds. It opens up with a fun scene that strikes curiosity and keeps viewers watching. 

    The company provided a visual feel of their products installed and then used the few seconds left to show their fast delivery capability and the many products they offer. The video ends with a clear call to action, which asks viewers to visit the company’s website. All simple but effective. 


    • Bailey Nelson: Vidico x Bailey Nelson – e-commerce Brand Video

    Bailey Nelson’s video comes a bit longer than the average video on this list, but don’t let this sway you—every extra second was worth it. The video is creative, amusing, and highly convincing, making it a unique marketing asset for the company. 

    They use storytelling to help portray a lifestyle context for viewers, and the multiple scenes make it relatable and enjoyable. They point out what’s wrong with legacy and competing products and explain how their offering improves them. They also highlight the unique value of their product and how it benefits users more than what competitors offer. You’ll also notice that they stress their brand’s mission at the end of the video, which can entice potential customers to buy. 

    • Kelty: Kelty Linger Side Table

    The Kelty Linger side table video ad is all about simplicity, and the actor seems calm and cheerful. The video explains what the product is, how to install it, and the benefits users will get from it—all in less than a minute. It describes every aspect of the product, right down to the materials that make it up. And they’ve taken close-up videos that make it easy to show the nuts and bolts of the product. You’ll also notice that they emphasize each product feature’s unique value. 

    • Koala: Koala – Never Uncomfortable

    Koala is one of the leading home furniture companies in Australia. They make it their mission to create pieces of furniture that outperform competing brands for being more comfortable, and their video ad is all about making that point. In other words, they created the video ad around the unique selling point they’re focused on. 

    The video came out as a fun video any person could enjoy and shows the difference between Koala products and the average furniture products. The video features all types of products they make and how each improves upon the regular version. They also featured some awards and quality recognitions they’ve gotten over the years to convince their target audience. 

    • Training Mask: All New Training Mask 3.0

    The Training Mask 3.0 video made our list for being a true example of showing a product in action to a specific audience. 

    Sometimes you don’t need to write a powerful script to make a case for your product and its utility; you just need to show it in action—and that’s what the Training Mask company has done very well in this video. 

    Not only does the video blend the right settings and people, but they’ve also carefully chosen a background music that contributes to creating a sports-like atmosphere. In conclusion, they understand that it is a niche product, and they’ve created a video that’s truly indicative of their target audience. 

    • Glossier: Glossier — Product Video

    Glossier created an e-commerce video ad for its online store. The video does not go deep or focus on any specific product, but it does get the point across given its purpose (showcasing Glossier’s different products). It features every single product Glossier sells and lines them up per category.

    The company also leverages its target audience’s inherent need to feel good about themselves. They overlay a few texts that empower and encourage their target customers to buy. They also added reviews from top (both) niche and non-niche relevant sites.

    • The Oodie: The Oodie — Brand Video

    The Oodie video ad is the ultimate fun and compelling video. The Oodie is an oversized, wearable blanket. The product is introduced and described by one of its creators, who uses humor to explain how the product is made and its unique benefits. He even breaks up the video to focus on more than just the product and adds some funny scenes. 

    The video also outlines some of the benefits of buying the product and buying from the brand. They also use storytelling to depict a few situations that might prevent buyers from buying and address their objections upfront. All of these come together to make a strong case for the product.

    • Square: Square Photo Studio

    The Square Photo Studio is a service by Square that’s designed to help sellers sell more. Put simply; they help you take amazing pictures of your product to improve your product listings and drive more sales. Their 47-seconds video ad for the service gets their point across efficiently and effectively.

    The video outlines the different tools the company uses to create amazing photos for its clients. They share everything you can expect from their service and how it all ties up to your e-commerce sales. 

    Key takeaways: What you need to know to create stellar e-commerce video ads

    Now that we’ve listed the top e-commerce videos you can learn from, let’s discuss the different takeaways and learnings you can leverage while creating your own video. 

    • The best e-commerce videos are always short. 

    As you can see, the average duration of the videos on this list is counted in seconds. There is no need to create long video ads. If you create long ad videos, your audience will get bored and drop out of your video before it’s finished. Always keep your videos between 30 and 90 seconds; that’s the sweet spot. 

    • The best e-commerce videos are always fun.

    Simply because you’re doing business doesn’t mean you have to keep a straight face and create “an all serious” video. Making your video fun and amusing will make it more enjoyable for your audience and more effective for your bottom line. 

    You can learn this from the Dollar Shave Club and The Oodie. Both videos are fun, get the message across and still move the needle around the business. Plus, making your video fun can trigger the viral factor for your company. You’ll win all round. 

    • The best e-commerce videos are always relatable. 

    Even the most prominent product can only be helpful in a context. That’s why you need to leverage storytelling while creating your video. Also, your customers better relate to stories than simple descriptions of your product. You can use storytelling to show your potential buyers what they could get from your product and how this will improve them. 

    • The best e-commerce videos talk about benefits, not just features.

    The best company on our list in this regard is Kelty. They not only tell you about the features of the table, but they also tell you how they all come together into the table you need and what the table can do for you. The truth is that a product feature is only necessary to the extent that it benefits your audience. If it doesn’t add any value, it’s best not to mention it at all.

    • The best e-commerce videos add personality to your brand.

    The unique approach to video creation taken by Oodie, Koala, Dollar Shave Club, Bailey Nelson, and all the other companies makes them unique in the eyes of their target audience. They all find a unique way to be fun, a unique way to share product information, and all try to improve on the competition. These elements allow viewers to have a unique perception of their brand and company.

    • The best e-commerce videos have a clear call to action.

    All the videos on here feature a clear call to action. There is no point in creating a video ad without adding a call to action that redirects viewers to your online store or website. The next step for your viewers and customers to purchase from you is the call to action. So, it is an undetachable component.  

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