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5 Strategies and Examples of Successful Brand Awareness With Video

Ernest Bio Bogore
December 8, 2022

The State of Video in 2024

If you’re looking for ways to generate brand awareness with video for your business and the different marketing goals you can achieve with that awareness, you’re in the right place. 

In this article, we share the different marketing goals you can achieve with video-driven brand awareness campaigns. We also include examples from some of the most successful campaigns we’ve created for our clients over the years. 

Keep in mind that this article is inspired by a recent survey we conducted with our customers. We asked a few of our customers about their different marketing goals for building brand awareness using videos, and their shared thoughts helped shape this piece. 


    To amplify their story, introduce their brand.

    The first problem most companies struggle with when it comes to generating brand awareness with video is to create engaging videos that can effectively tell their stories, hook viewers across their different channels and create buzz for their products or services.

    For companies in general, video makes it easier to engage their audiences and enhance their brand image on the different platforms they appear on. Videos such as brand videos, behind-the-scenes, and testimonial videos offer them a powerful way to tell their story. 

    Compared to images and texts, video generates 30% more interactions and twice as many shares — giving the company way more exposure than images and texts. Not surprisingly, 56% of companies publish 3 to 5 videos per month on their social networks. 

    Also, videos are less boring and more lively, and they make people want to share them with their community more than text or image. Brand videos are an increasingly popular option, with 54% of consumers saying they want to see more video content from brands and 70% preferring it to text to discover new products. 

    Brand videos allow companies to accentuate their branding on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. For example, they can create short, story-driven ad video campaigns and reach millions of audiences on YouTube alone. 

    We’ve produced a successful example for the Aussie home furniture brand Temple & Webster. 

    For context, Temple & Webster approached us to produce an extensive online campaign via Youtube and broader social channels. The project had a 335% increase in brand recall and drove all other areas of brand awareness in a steep upward trend.

    In general, by using YouTube for your business, your ranking in search engine results will be higher, and your SEO will be better — which also increases the awareness of your business. 

    This is because video better satisfies most search intent, and people prefer it; as a result, Google prioritizes videos on search engine results pages. 

    That gives businesses a unique opportunity to use YouTube as a branding tool and be on Google SERP as much as possible. 

    You can also leverage this by writing articles on your site and creating related videos on YouTube. The videos will help you make the pieces more relevant and search intent oriented; ergo, your site is more relevant to Google, and as a result, you will rank easily. 

    To bring new opportunities.

    Another marketing goal businesses can achieve with brand awareness videos is providing new opportunities for the revenue team. First of all, brand awareness videos allow you to get the word out about your business, tell people who you are and what you can do for them. 

    Doing so lets people learn about you and how you can be helpful in their lives, and if done right, viewers will want to check you out. But more than that, video allows you to give information such as how to use a product (what it is and how it works). 

    You can show the ins and outs of your product, highlight its different value propositions and showcase its differentiation or evidence of its effectiveness to drive purchase. The audience can see your product in action and see how it can improve their lifestyle or current situation. 

    Here is an example we’ve produced for Koala.

    This 2:30min brand video ad was distributed in full length through Youtube Pre-Roll Ads and in shorter cutdowns through Facebook and Instagram. Koala’s brand video brought about an overall lift in Positive Response Rate of 20%, which is massive, considering where Koala sits in the market.

    In addition, people today have made it a habit to search for product videos on social platforms before making a purchase decision. For example, the 2022 GWI Gen Z report found that 46% of Gen Zers rely on TikTok to find product and brand information, while 69% use Instagram. 

    So, by creating your awareness videos across social media, you place your brand where your customers will look when they are ready to buy products. This allows you to drive your brand’s awareness and gain new business opportunities to increase your revenue. 

    To improve brand perception and positioning.

    Have you ever wondered why brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, or Monster Energy are known across the globe and seem to be all-time greats in their respective industries while their competitors are barely known to the world? 


    It’s because of the unique brand perception and positioning of the sell to the world. 

    How do we know? 


    Ask any random person about a sportswear brand, and you’ll have Nike as their direct answer. You will get the same answer about Coca-Cola if you ask about a refreshing drink. 

    It even reaches a point where people use the brand name to designate the product that the whole industry sells. I mean, who says “refreshing drink”? Everybody thinks Coca-Cola. 

    That’s how powerful brand perception and positioning can be — and it is one of the most rewarding goals brand awareness videos can help you achieve. 

    We don’t want people to come to T&W by going searching “blue armchair” and find us that way – because we pay for that. We want people to think furniture and then think T&W.

    In this context, creating brand awareness videos helps establish a new look and feel for your business. But that new positioning is a constant challeng for most businesses. Companies want to develop their brand perception in their industries, but they don’t always know how to position their videos to achieve that. 

    You first need to know that this is not always achieved with a single video. It results from a well-thought-out brand awareness campaign with multiple brand video materials. 

    Such videos allow your brand to connect to your audience to more than what bonds you on the surface level. It’s not just a brand awareness campaign to get the word out about your business and bring new clients. 

    Instead, it is about educating your audience on how you want your brand to be perceived, what you stand for, what greater good you are servicing, and gaining a solid positioning in that area. Here is a good example we have produced for Cascade.

    Taking its brand to a market that values tradition and structure was challenging for Cascade. We were tasked to reintroduce the brand to the market with a brand video that represents a fun, ambitious, and bold brand. 

    The result? Our video brand awareness campaign averaged a view duration of 56s, which is technically a 93% view rate. Plus, the video has got over 1.4 million views on Youtube. 

    To stand out among more established competitors.

    Here is what two of our clients had to say when we asked them about the marketing goals for which they needed brand awareness videos. 

    • Client 1: Within our industry, there are bigger brands that have been around longer with a bigger market share, so we’re constantly trying to fill that brand awareness gap.
    • Client 2: Competitors have a louder voice and are more engaged, and we want to be embedded into the finance community. 

    If you are an SMB company with a new product in an established market, you will most likely be going against top brands. In most cases, they will have more notoriety and authority than you on the market. And will lose against them on almost every front. 

    Creating brand awareness videos can help you fill that gap and outshine them on the market. And if your competitors are not into video marketing, it becomes an easy win for you as video has more reach and engagement than any other content medium they could be using. 

    Running brand awareness campaigns with videos can create buzz around your brand, achieve more brand recalls and get your target audience to memorize your brand. To do this, you can create marketing videos focusing on storytelling and specialization and use them for brand awareness. 

    You can also create and launch business events, product launch campaigns, and paid media campaigns, including TV ad campaigns, to reach a far greater audience than your competitors do. You get to target more people and get more awareness and brand recalls. 

    Doing so will allow you to put your brand everywhere you can reach your audience. And especially with TV campaigns, you can transform your brand into a household name and gain credibility and trust — as people tend to trust companies they see on TV more. Here is a TV commercial video example we produced for the plant-based nutrients company Deliciou.

    Another way you can do this is by studying your target audience, understanding their unique pain points, and creating videos showing how your product solves those pain points and sharing them in your brand awareness campaigns. 

    You can also come up with unique and new approaches to address their pain points more than your competitors suggest — and you can easily steal customers from them. 

    Another way you can do this is to create comparison videos and show the audience how your product or brand is better than your competitors. Here is an excellent example that we’ve produced for Bailey Nelson.

    And for the record, the video resulted in a 40x increase in branded search and brought about a +97% in brand awareness lift. The video campaign also recently won a B&T award for Best YouTube Campaign, with YouTube describing the result as ‘best-in-class’.  

    To educate customers and have social proof.

    Educating your customers on your brand and product as well as having enough social proof to back up your claims, is important to insuring an excellent brand awareness campaign. And especially if you have a complex product, doing this can require long operations and prove hard.

    For this, you can create a video sequence including an explainer video, a demo video or a how-to video and a testimonial video or a case study video. 

    Videos allow you to explain things more easily, providing a more effective way to break down your ideas and walk your audience through your product and its features. The audience can see the product in action, and your get to explain while showing and it lets offers your viewers a more immersive experience. 

    We have created the same for Airtable. Airtable needed to create a library of customizable template tutorials that let users create personalized views for every need. 

    We worked on five product tour videos that could also serve as templates for their team to use in future projects. Here is one of the videos from the library. 

    Airtable used this video to generate awareness of its new features after launching it. This walk-through video campaign resulted in a buzz for the new features, and it helped generate more product adoption for Airtable. 

    Now, as for the testimonial video, it will allow you to offer the perfect social proof your customers need to action. You can reach out to a few of your happy customers and ask them to share their experience with your product. 

    The video result will include the faces of people who actually had the same issues as your audience and who’ve found their safe haven in your product. They can easily relate and see the value of your product. 

    Here is an example that we created for Neustar’s .CO for their brand awareness campaign. Keep in mind that this video is the first in a collection of videos for Neustar’s .co campaign.

    Or, if your prefer, you can include a case study video which takes the particular case of a specific customer and shows how your product has helped them eliminate their problems. It works in the same as the testimonial video and it’s simply customers vouching for the effectiveness of your product — aka social proof. 

    Here is a case study video example that our team created for Smiths Detection.

    Work with Vidico to run a successful brand awareness campaign with video.

    Generating brand awareness for your business isn’t just about getting the word out. It needs to be a well-crafted marketing campaign that allows you to set yourself up for long-term success and beat most of your competitors. 

    Our video production company Vidico has created brand-awareness videos for top companies across the globe. We have a team of dedicated marketers and videographers. We take the time to understand your brand and target audience. Then, if you’re looking to rebrand, we develop unique concepts that set you apart from competing businesses and engage the audience.

    We have over five years of experience. We have created videos for companies such as Amazon, Airwalex, Uber Eats, Spotify, Lyft, and many more. Our team can help your business take your brand awareness success to new heights and set you up for long-term success.

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