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Generate buzz with A+ video marketing.

Kickstart your video via multiple press releases, and highly targeted video ads across Youtube, Instagram and Linkedin.
Over 250 companies, 1.1 billion views, and millions in sales

at scale.

Your marketing efforts don’t
deserve 100-200 views on Youtube.

Journalists love video, as publications
benefit from excellent content.

Get ongoing, optimised video campaigns
that target your ideal audiences.

Be pitch perfect.
Sell through story.

Video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year, and with good reason: your customers prefer video more than any other kind of communication — it’s ok… we feel you.

Grow your business faster with Vidico.

Launch winning video campaigns.
Choose the video marketing plan that’s right for you.
  • Video Launch

    $975 /one-time

    Launch your video via niche-specific press and Vidico’s own tech network:

    • Distributed to 100 publishers
    • Launch on
    • Linkedin post to 4000 followers
    • Newsletter to 1300 marketers
    • SEO
    • Player Optimisation
  • Video Campaign

    $950 /monthly for 3months*

    Besides PR, we run stellar video ad campaigns on the platforms that your business is best suited to:

    • Distributed to 250 publishers
    • Launch on
    • Management of video ads
    • Optimisation of video ads
    • Real-time performance data
    • Ads run on Youtube, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest
    • All social posts from launch
    • SEO
    • Player Optimisation
    *Billed as $2,850 USD one-time, with campaign management for 90-days in effect from campaign start date.

How much should you invest in video ads?

We’ve developed a calculator to help you
determine a budget for video advertising, and the
results this budget will likely get for you.
$300 per month
$50k per month
Av. $CPV:

Frequently asked questions

PR & Social Posts

  • Q: Which publishers do you reach out to?

    Our publishers are higher tier tech publications that include Techcrunch, Hackernews and FastCompany. We write your press release, and include high-quality media media assets such as the video we’ve produced for you and still photo assets.

  • Q: Do you guarantee publisher acceptance of my video (PR)?

    There is no guarantee of being published if your product is not deemed relevant or newsworthy by the publisher. Timing is also a big factor that effects selection.

    There is however, a much higher likelihood of being published if our video content is attached to the press release. The video is another stream of ad-revenue for the publisher, which effectively gains revenue through video clicks and pre-roll ad placement.

  • Q: Who are your Linkedin followers?

    Our audience split on our 4000+ Linkedin Followers is:

    70% Sales & Marketing
    20% Founder/CEO
    10% Other

    The industry verticalis almost entirely tech, with some notable names in e-commerce also.

Advertising, Ad-Spend and Optimisation

  • Q: Where do my ads show?

    We’ll always opt for a custom split of ad-play. The recommodation will be specific to your product. For B2B, it will likely be a combination of Linkedin and Youtube. For B2C, Instagram, FB and Youtube perform best — Pinterest depends highly on the type of product.

  • Q: So wait, is there ad-spend included in each campaign?

    We don’t include ad spend, but we do provide resources on how to allocate an effective budget. It’s our job to manage this allocation across the platforms that will work best for your product, and optimise this budget weekly so that efficiency of spend is maximised. Across PR outreach, ProductHunt and our social posting to our thousands of followers, we see it as an abolsutely essential opporunity to run a concurrent ad campaign that retargets your traffic, and prospects for lookalike audiences.

  • Q: How often is progress reported?

    We provide a summary of campaign progress, and the optimisations made eachfortnight.

    In between communication, you’ll have your own awesome dashboard tosee 24/7 — will all your campaign data in one, single place.

  • Q: Is my ad-spend locked?

    Your ad spend is yours,and that’s what makes our model so flexible, simple and easy.

    Liking the results? Scale up. Wanting to adjust? We can look to the performance data together.

  • Q: For the video campaign plan, is the three months nessecary?

    Yes. It’s mandatory. You’re going to get traffic, and the idea is to ensure that we can retarget this traffic and build a ‘glow effect’ of buzz that sustains itself after the campaign is complete.

    Publishers need time to schedule your story, ad-platforms need some degree of testing to optimise your video ads and serve audiencesin the best possible ad placements.

  • Q: How do youoptimise my player?

    In 2019, video players are packed with some very useful features for lead generation, like CTA’s, buttons and lead capture fields. We’ll provide our guide on how to set this up properly so you can benefit from your inbound traffic in the most efficient way.

Be inspired.

Mitch Wainer

Head of Brand

The brand video that Vidico created for us, as well as the designs — looks amazing. Their quality of work exceeded our expectations at every stage. We’re all super impressed.

Ron Schniedermann


We partnered with Vidico to create two animated explainer videos and couldn't be happier with the price, story, animation, process, team, and, most importantly, the educational explainer video.

Charlie Gearside

Creative Director

Vidico were simply brilliant for our TVC. They're a dual threat of artistic ability and story-telling know how. They went through pre-pro without a hitch, executed our shoot day efficiently and got through 5 rounds of edits quickly.

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