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8 Best Animated Video Production Companies In 2022

Michael Pirone
March 29, 2022
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8 Best Animated Video Production Companies In 2022

Nearly every marketing video you’ll stumble upon today will contain some form of video animation. This is mainly because animated videos have proven to be effective in communicating business messages and telling stories with simplicity and clarity. They allow businesses to create illustrations and graphics that convey their message to their audience and bring even the most challenging creatives to life.That said, there are many animated video production companies out there, and most companies know their way around the art. So it can be difficult for you to choose a company to work with.

That’s why in this article, we have listed the top 8 animated video production companies that you can work with and obtain the best quality animation video. 

  • Vidico

Vidico is a video production company based in Melbourne, Australia. The company has over five years of experience in the market, during which it has already served the biggest Tech, SaaS, and eCommerce companies, including Amazon, Spotify, Samsung, Uber, Airtable, Salesforce, Digital Ocean, Square, and more. 

Vidico defines itself as a half-creative agency and half-production company. The company boasts a curated and end-to-end animation creation process, managed by a world-class in-house team that develops innovative ideas that always result in high-quality pieces, as seen through their service to top-tier brands. The animation studio is composed of creative specialists skilled in whiteboard design, illustration, graphic and motion design, as well as 3D and 2D animations.

The company has produced award-winning work in animation and motion graphics and has received numerous reviews from its clients. Most of these reviews pertain to the team’s ability to keep its clients at the heart of its production, understand their needs, and deliver on the precise creative they’re looking for.

The company offers a wide variety of animation video styles with a very clear pricing structure thanks to its video production cost estimator, VidiFit. In simple terms, the tool collects specific information about clients’ wants and needs and derives a price range for production. 

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  • Demo Duck

Demo Duck is one of the leading cartoon and animated video production companies in the United States. 

They rely on 2D and 3D animation to create highly creative, custom animated clips that hook the target audience. Over the years, they have successfully worked with companies of all sizes, from start-ups and SMEs to Fortune 500 companies. 

  • Lemonlight

Located in Inglewood, California, Lemonlight has been producing videos since 2014. Lemonlight specializes in both animated videos and lives video content. They have a unique production process where they let clients granularly choose the services (stock footage, concepting, etc.) they need, and they make sure clients get it.

Lemonlight works with a team of experienced 2D and 3D designers and illustrators who take your project from ideation to the final cut. 

  • Yum Yum Video

Yum Yum Video has been creating animation videos since 2010. They produce a wide variety of videos, such as animated videos, explainer videos, whiteboard videos, and motion graphics. Also, Yum Yum Video’s animations brand themselves with their simplicity and minimalist approach. 

  • Epipheo

Epipheo is one of the first animated video production companies. The company’s creative staff has nearly a decade of experience in the market. It is a team of marketing video professionals committed to working with you from project conception to final editing. 

You’ll have a full-fledged video production team of 3D animators, motion designers, illustrators, editors, and strategic thinkers. They can break down any barriers and bring your concepts to life. 

  • Switch Video

Switch Video is an animation production studio based in Canada. The company is a popular choice for 2D animations, whiteboards, and motion graphics. The company has created thousands of these videos, and they’ve garnered experience and authority in the field. 

  • Explainify

Explainify also produces some of the best animation videos in the industry. They specialize in making 2D and 3D animated videos. Their go-to approach is to create award-winning narratives that compel audiences to engage with their videos and take action using storytelling and data. 

So, Explainify is a good choice for quality animation videos like all the other companies on this list. They’ve been producing videos since 2011 and have built a portfolio of tech giants.

  • ThinkMojo

ThinkMojo is also one of the giants in animation video production and is quite famous for its work with big tech companies. The company was founded in 2011 in San Francisco, California. Since then, they have worked with companies of all sizes and created unique animated videos that serve educational, editorial, support, advertising, and many other purposes. 

How To Choose The Best Animated Video Production Company For Your Business

Every animation studio has its unique approach to producing their video, which allows them to create what they value as top-quality videos they’re represented by. But there will always be a difference between the end products they deliver to their clients. So, your job is to assess them thoroughly and identify which company’s creative matches best or is the closest to the video you have in mind. Here are a few things you can do for this. 

  • Consider their experience and expertise.

Consider finding how they’ve been in business and the top brands they’ve worked for. This can help you get a clear idea regarding their scope of work and the results you can expect from their work. 

At Vidico, we’ve got five years of experience and served top-tier companies worldwide and in different industries. We’ve created videos for notable companies such as Amazon, Salesforce, Samsung, and Uber. We’ve got the necessary experience and creative expertise to meet any of your needs. 

  • Check out their portfolio.

The portfolio is the best place you can weigh different animation companies. It provides a library of videos you can go through to evaluate their work and judge whether or not that’s what you’re looking for. 

We have created all kinds of animated videos for our clients, from whiteboard design to 2D and 3D animation, illustration, motion design, and graphic design. We have a team of A-players covering every aspect of animation video who collaborate from the beginning of your project to the end of the production process. 

  • Be sure to get a custom design.

Since most animation videos can be made out of templates, it’s pretty commonplace to see companies using stock footage in their videos, which is simply lame. So, what you want to do here is to be sure that you’re getting a custom design and an overall animation video that’s representative of your brand identity. 

You can tell by the type of businesses we serve that we only offer fresh, innovative material. At Vidico, we live and breathe creating animated videos that reflect your brand. Our designers are always ready to conceptualize and animate even the most complex ideas you bring to us. 

  • Look for a smooth production process.

With your potential candidate company, you need to ensure that all details are discussed and that both parties agree on the final product you are aiming for before the process begins. You should also make sure that you will be heard throughout the process. If the company you consider is not easy to communicate with, you should consider another animation company. 

At Vidico, our clients are at the heart of the animation design. After all, we understand that certain aspects of your brand will be impossible to nail without your input. So, we prioritize creating feedback cycles throughout the process to ensure that we’re moving in the right direction and that we cater to each of your needs. 

  • Consider their flexibility 

Before choosing a company, ask yourself the following questions: How flexible are they? Will they consider your approach to design over theirs? Will they charge more for changes after delivery? You need to be sure of this from the start.

At Vidico, we offer unparalleled flexibility. We’re with you every step until your videos are live or broadcast. If there’s a change you want to make to your video, we’re just a message away. We pride ourselves on making our clients happy, and being flexible is an essential aspect of it.

  • Understand their pricing structure 

Finally, the price can also be a deal-breaker. 

While you shouldn’t look for the cheapest or most expensive video animation company, you should make sure that the price is reasonable and representative of the video animation quality you want. Ideally, you should try to understand the “why” behind the price. Consider things like the process they have to undergo, the creative and time requirements, the logistics and tools involved. 

At Vidico, we offer the best price range for a specific need. Our production cost estimator, VidiFit, considers all the requirements and current market conditions to give you the most reasonable price range for your video. 

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