We’re still (safely) producing video as usual during COVID‑19.
Omer Molad
We looked at quite a few agencies to help us with a video and we choose Vidico for two reasons; the quality of their work and their willingness to move beyond the cookie cutter approach and come up with something that is uniquely suited to us.
Omer Molad, CEO of Vervoe

Make it funny.

From their past successes, Vervoe knew that storytelling not only engages better… but it sells.

Because of this, we were given liberty to bring wild creative the table.

These concepts were more than just a-typical in the world of HR tech, they were narratives that took the time to offer a real human perspective and scream to the audience: “we understand all your problems, and here’s how we can fix them.”

Make it funny.

Highlight the pain.

The AI component of Vervoe is central to its value proposition.

To humanise this technology, we worked with Vervoe in creating a narrative that took the time to really explore the current consumer paint points in great detail through comedy.

We used the core principal of shared hardship as a driving emotional motivator for audience connection.

Highlight the pain.

Vervoe ❤️'s Vidico

Vervoe is AI-powered skill testing, where candidates showcase their talent in real-world scenarios, and you see top performers — Vidico wants companies around the world to experience their product.

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