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How to nail your next product launch with video.

Laura Chaves
March 8, 2023

Welcome to Vidico’s Newsletter Video For Growth 👋

In this issue, we’ll cover all things video marketing and how you can leverage video content to boost your company’s bottom line.

Read on to learn how to launch your product using video ✨

Key Takeaways

  • The anatomy of a great product video
  • x3 unique video marketing tactics you can leverage to help with product communication
  • x5 examples of product launch videos to inspire your own

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The anatomy of a great product video

  • It showcases the features of your product and outlines unique benefits
  • It helps users understand what the product/app is about
  • It highlights users’ pain points and shows how the product solves them
  • It provides valuable information that allows viewers to build a case for the product

Here’s an example from The Oodie –

Top Product Launch Video Tactics

TIP 1 – Focus less on product features and more on benefits

What do you care about most when you hear the word “airplane”?

1 – The fact that it can move you from one point to another point of the globe in a few hours


2 – The fact that it has 1,343-2,238 kW of engine power and 2-3 axial turbine stages?

The answer is obvious.

More often than not, marketers get caught up in their product’s specific features, though the customer doesn’t care. All they care about is achieving their desired outcome.

When producing your product launch video, make sure that you clarify what your viewers would get out of it.

Here’s some questions to ask yourself to get thinking about the benefits of your products:

Don’t describe the feature, explain the benefit of the feature to show what it can do.

🚫 This phone has a quad-core camera

✅ Take stunning, real-looking photos.

Describe how it makes users feel…

🚫 This browser is built from nodes and peer-to-peer technology.

✅ You’ve never been safer on the Internet. No cookies. No hacking.

Empathise with the user pain points and offer a solution

🚫 This webinar tool streamlines your online event and allows you to deliver a seamless experience.

✅ No more juggling 7 different tools when running webinars. You can host and manage Q&A, launch polls, and surveys from the same dashboard using our tool.

TIP 2 – Adopt a funnel-like approach to your video production

Most people take a straightforward approach to video creation, which is a mistake that costs you leads. Depending on your goal and where your visitors are in their buying journey, the way you structure and distribute your video will differ.

For example, if your audience has never heard of your product and the problem it solves, your video should be long.

Here’s how to nail your funnelling:

No alt text provided for this image
  • For top-of-funnel: program a 90-second to 2-minute long-format ad.
  • For middle-of-funnel: follow with a 30-second MoFU ad to the viewers that watched over 30% of the first video.
  • For bottom-of-funnel: target 6-9 second ads for double site visits or visits to landing pages like a demo, trial, or sign-up pages.

Regardless of the funnel stage, the first 5 seconds are everything: mention your company brand, ideally through your company logo (and specific product name), and also a catchy product one-liner or creative platform tagline.

Use cut-downs to keep viewers motivated across the line. To do so, use a funnel with multiple cut-downs at different durations. For example, with a 2-minute video, go with cutdowns of 90 seconds + 30 seconds + 9 seconds.

TIP 3: Have a distribution plan ready

A product video sitting in a dark corner of your website would be of no use, even if the best videographer on the planet produced it. Distribution is key.

To nail your distribution, you have to ask yourself:

  • What video platform are my potential customers on?

Factors that influence this include your prospect’s generation (Gen Z, Millennials, Boomers), their industry, and vertical (B2B or B2C).

  • Which distribution channel will allow you to reach a large audience?

Paid ads or organic distribution, or a mix of both.

  • Which metrics should track success against?

Engagement, average view rate shares, likes, etc. Here’s a helpful guide for the last point measuring performance –

Product Launch Video Examples

Cost-effective videos for product launch ~

Product Overview Videos: A product overview visually demonstrates your product to your audience and explains what it is about. You will provide all the information related to your product to give your audience a clear understanding of what it is and how it can help them. The key here is to present your product’s features and their benefits. Here is an excellent example from Buffer.

App Videos: An app video is also a product overview video, except it is for an application. And so, you will need to introduce your app and showcase it’s UI. You’ll have to use 3D animations and motion graphics to recreate the sleek UI of your app and give the audience a clear view of features and functions. You can provide information about its use cases, the benefits users will get, and the user experience they can expect. Here is a good example from Airtable.

Strategic product launch videos ~

1 – Dollar Shave Club: The Dollar Shave Club’s video is brilliant in that it focuses on the problem and the solution, not the product. They also understand they have a lot of competition, so the video also points out how the competition focuses on the wrong problem and encourages the audience to buy products they don’t really need.

2 – Koala: Koala creates quality products, and they created a video that speaks about their unique selling point. This helps them create a unique brand perception, demarcate from the competition, and win more customers.

3 – Google: The best way to introduce a product update is through storytelling. Google’s product update video is a powerful example of this. It shows how far they’ve come and the different milestones they’ve achieved and sets up expectations for the future.

Congratulations! You now know how to approach your next product launch using video 🎉

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