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8 Brands That Get Video Marketing Right And Tips From Them

Michael Pirone
September 22, 2021

A large part of your audience struggles to understand how your product works, so you need to find a more compelling way to explain it to them. And no, a blog post isn’t going to cut it. That’s why you need to consider video marketing.

Videos help companies make their case in a concise, succinct, entertaining, fun, and catchy way. 

So, if your goal is to get on the next video marketing bandwagon and achieve great results, you’re at the right place. We analyzed the video strategy of 8 brands and decided to write up some tips you can use to make your videos just as great. 

Let’s start with the basics. 


    What is video marketing?

    Video marketing is a highly effective marketing strategy that consists of promoting and marketing products or services to entice viewers and convert them into customers with content in the form of video. 

    Why is video marketing important?

    What is a video worth if a picture is worth 1000 words? If you figure that out, that’s how video marketing is. But that might be an empty statement. Here are the real reasons you should dig into video marketing. 

    • Video marketing skyrockets your conversion rate.

    Every marketing team has a specific goal to achieve, but unanimously, everyone can agree that the ultimate goal of any marketing strategy is to convert. 

    And that’s exactly what video marketing helps brands achieve with minimal difficulty. 

    Videos help viewers easily visualize the ins and outs of your products or services. Video marketing allows your customers to see your product/service in action, imagine how it can help them, and make it easier to make a decision.

    Interestingly, people love to watch videos before making a purchase decision. Fifty-five percent of people indeed, according to Invideo. Also, 79% of people confirm they’ve been convinced to buy or download a piece of software or app after watching a video. 

    • Video marketing boosts your SEO strategy.

    The mere fact of having a video on your website can dramatically increase traffic to your site by attracting a qualified audience and improving your SEO. 


    People are naturally fond of videos; they’re entertaining, quick, and have higher chances to rank on SERP. Proof of this is that a landing page with a video is 50 times more likely to rank on Google than a landing page without one. In fact, Adobe gains more than 1.3 million organic visitors per month thanks to video marketing.  

    • Video marketing helps you connect with your audience at a core level

    One of the primary purposes of marketing is to help brands build a strong relationship with the audience. And, video offers the potential to use emotional triggers to bring a more human touch to your marketing strategy. 

    As proof, studies have shown that people remember 50% more of a video than 22% of written content. So if you use a good video marketing strategy, you have a great chance of connecting with your prospects/customers on a much deeper emotional level. 

    SEO reporting software can help you track the impact of your videos on organic search rankings and overall SEO performance.

    • Videos crush all other types of content.

    Videos crush all other types of content. You can quickly bring a concept to life, break down the intricate components of your software, easily show how your products work, and viewers can get a better and comprehensive understanding than any other type of content. 

    So, if you have a call center software for instance, instead of using written content to communicate your message out there, you can leverage video marketing to explain the ins and outs of your product.

    Videos explain things better. It’s easier to watch than read. And you can tell it’s more meaningful and fun to see it in action than imagine it in action. It’s better when you can hear it and see it. It’s better when you can relate to it. 

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    Top 8 Examples Of Brands That Get Video Marketing Right

    Now that you know why your business needs to embrace video marketing, it’s high time to take inspiration from brands that rock their video marketing to build yours. 

    Here are eight brands with the best marketing videos that you can emulate.  

    1. IBM 

    Complex technology needs to be explained in a straightforward and fun way. So IBM and Mettle CI teamed up with Vidico to create an excellent explainer video that allows them to break down the software’s user interface and make it simple so that even non-technical audiences can understand it.

    Also worth noting is the branded language used in the video. The video is designed for an enterprise-level audience, and the language and messaging used help to strike that level of professionals. 

    You can have a sneak peek at the actual case study here.

    2. Cascade

    Cascade is a strategy facilitation platform for teams to plan and execute as one.  The company needed to reinstate its brand in a marketplace that values tradition and structure. Their video came out swinging with a fun, ambitious, and distinct messaging. 

    They used a human-centered design with some animated UI elements to craft a story everyone could easily relate to. The video attracted over 375,000 viewers (still counting) and doubled the company’s subscriber base.

    Check the entire case study here.

    3. Uber Eats

    The primary goal of the Uber Eats video is to help viewers grasp how the user interface works. They applied a design style, illustrations, and animated graphics that make it easy to showcase the entire dashboard and what people can do with it. 

    What makes this video compelling is the voiceover. The video is aimed at a global audience in over 27 countries, yet the voiceover feels like a one-on-one conversation with one person, not a pitch to a group of people. 

    Here’s a peek inside how Uber Eats has achieved these incredible results with video marketing.

    4. Koala

    Koala is a furniture company. They’ve come up with a brilliant and funny ad video to optimize their conversion, and guess what? It worked like a charm. 

    The team used a relatable tone and branding assets to build a hilarious and memorable ad video. The video just shows how the comfort of Koala furniture can help improve uncomfortable situations. 

    Koala’s positive response rate increased by 20%, and the video outperformed work that is likely 4-5x the budget, which is enormous considering the industry and Koala’s position in the market. 

    Interested in knowing how Koala increased response rate by 20%? Check the complete case study here.

    5. Temple & Webster (T&W)

    That is one of the best videos you can emulate to get incredible results. T&W designed a marketing video that helped them increase brand recall by 335% and significantly increased all other aspects of brand awareness. 

    They created a 30-second brand video depicting a usage scenario and used it to run a TVC campaign that improved overall brand strength, a 335% increase in brand recall if you will. 

    Check how T&W increased brand recall by 335% here.

    6. Summer

    Want to get more sales? Do it, Summer’s way. 

    Summer helps student loan borrowers enroll in the best plan for their unique financial position. Summer’s marketing video helps them generate sales in the blink of an eye with absolutely zero magic. It’s the most straightforward yet much powerful video on our list. 

    Summer asks customers how they solve their problems using Summers’ service, and the story is told from their narrative, so it’s relatable. Viewers can easily understand how the Summer team can help them. And it will give a boost to their purchase decision-making process. 

    Here’s a deep look at Summer’s video strategy.

    7. Airtable

    If you’ve ever used Airtable, you know the UI can seem intricate at first. So for their Product Launch software, the company designed a sleek UI and brought out all its beauty with their fantastic explainer video. 

    The main purpose of the video is to show what the software does and how it can be used. The clean user interface and color pops are eye-catching and make Airtable’s video even more appealing. 

    Curious to know Airtable’s video marketing strategy? Check this case study.

    8. mParticle

    mParticle helps businesses keep all their customer data in-sync across all platforms. Their video presents the software from the user’s point of view, technically a UI tour. It blends a vibrant design and typography with actual screen recordings. 

    The powerful voiceover helps drive this home by making the video relatable and compelling. Overall, the video does increase the conversion of new prospects and communicate the core product’s value proposition.

    You can get a deep look at mParticle’s case study here.

    12 Expert Tips You Need to Ace Your Video Marketing

    So far, you know why video marketing is essential, have eight examples of companies that have a good video marketing strategy. 

    Now it’s time to learn some expert tips on how to make your video marketing successful.  

    1. Go for an empowered narrative.

    Do you know what makes a great video marketing strategy? Focusing on the viewers, not the product. Your product is only as good as it helps people, and the same is true for your videos. 

    You’ll need to create a piece that not only enhances your brand’s image but communicates its core ethos to the viewers. 

    2. Have a clean UI.

    That mainly concerns SaaS companies. For a quick adoption, you have to bet a lot on the software tours. And that’s where the UI comes into play.  You have to make sure that your UI is elegant and has an excellent color scheme to be attractive. 

    You’ll want to make sure that features are relatable throughout the video and that viewers can easily focus on each feature.

    3. Get your pacing perfect.

    How many images or scenes are needed in a 60-second video? Pacing needs to be perfect and to do that, you need to find the sweet spot regarding the number of images or scenes to include throughout your video. 

    The best lengths for audience engagement, understanding, and satisfaction are 16-18 scenes of illustration per 60 seconds. 

    4. Develop visual script.

    Before you begin storyboarding, you’ll need to build a solid visual script alongside your written narrative.  Most marketers think a written script is enough, but it’s not. 

    You need to match each narrative line with the perfect visual without overly impacting high-bandwidth video decisions like composition, continuity, and overall look.

    5. Use a conversational tone.

    It’s a marketing video, not a pitch. Talk to one person, not to a group. People love to feel special, so no need to use a voiceover that makes your video come across as a news broadcaster. Keep your tone conversational, be friendly. 

    6. Keep it simple.

    For those in the high-tech field, you may be wondering how to break down software for a non-tech audience. The fact is, you often look too far. Sometimes simplicity is all you need to break even. A simple screen recording of the user interface and an excellent voice-over will do the trick just fine. 

    It is the example of mParticle. The software obviously has many features, but the video kept it simple and got the point across brilliantly.

    7. Mind your audience.

    Who exactly would be watching, and where is it going to be distributed? You need to keep your audience in mind. 

    Here is a message from the team that built the mParticle video. 

    We knew that the average viewer would be highly technical or hold a decision-making role in their respective IT department. So it was hugely important that the script spoke to these individuals; not creating a message and creative that was too watered down for a general audience, but instead, something specific, purpose-built to stick in the minds of exactly who it needed to.

    8. Use humor and be relatable.

    Humor and relatability are two of the human touch that makes video marketing so effective. 

    First, these will make your videos fun to watch and help your brand come across as “cool.” Using humor tells the viewers that real people are actually behind the products and services, and that’s sometimes the one thing people need to decide. 

    9. Shoot for mixed media

    This is important for one simple reason: There needs to be enough variation in your visuals to avoid viewer fatigue. If your videos are only made and focus on one visual, viewers will get tired of it. 

    Mixed media drive high engagement. You will need the convergence of different video executions like live-action, animation, still assets, and typography to build winning videos.

    10. Think outside the box.

    In your video, you just need a compelling edge to convince viewers that you are a perfect choice. You don’t need to blow up a bag to achieve your goal, but you need to challenge the status quo. 

    Remember, that simple Koala video outperformed work that was probably 4-5 times the budget. You just need to think outside the box from the usual strategy. 

    You Can Get Your Video Marketing Right, Too

    We can’t stress enough how important video marketing is to your brand. You can use video production for marketing for everything from branding to increasing your sales and acquiring new customers.

    Do you want to nail your video marketing a little like the brands mentioned above? Reach out to us

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