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20 Best Corporate Video Production Services (2023 Updated)

Laura Chaves
July 24, 2023

Corporate video production can boost your brand’s online presence and digital marketing strategy.

Engaging and informative videos can skyrocket your business, improving brand awareness and attracting more leads.

However, choosing the right corporate video production company can be challenging. To simplify it, we’ve compiled a shortlist of 20 exceptional companies that deliver outstanding services and results.

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Top 20 Corporate Video Production Companies

1. Vidico

Average Pricing: Starts at $5,000

Target Industries: SaaS, Financial Services, E-commerce, Retail, Startups, Non-Profit, and Established Enterprise.

Top Clients: Spotify, Airtable, Digital Ocean, Square, Airtable, Koala, Treasury Prime

Who We Are:

Vidico is one of the best corporate video production companies driven by the belief that corporate videos engage audiences and inspire action.

With a team of talented writers, directors, producers, designers, and editors, Vidico specializes in producing compelling narratives for innovative startups and tech enterprises.

Since we can handle both production and creative direction, our corporate video production process and services are more affordable than traditional ones.

Also, our end-to-end approach, fully managed workflow, and collaborations ensure exceptional results.

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  • Impressive portfolio with renowned clients.
  • Wide global reach to audiences
  • Talented, experienced, coordinated team.


  • Pricing may vary depending on the video project

2. Yum Yum Videos

Average Pricing: Starts at $8,000

Target Industries: Healthcare, I.T., Construction, Financial Services

Top Clients: Amazon, Google, Red Bull, Huawei, Walmart

Who They Are:

Yum Yum Videos is one of the leading corporate video production companies that offer a wide range of video production services that brings brands to life.

They create engaging corporate videos, live-action and animated videos, educational content, and brand videos for startups and Fortune 500 companies [1].


  • Wide range of video services
  • Transparent and customer-centric approach
  • Impressive and high-quality videos


  • Turnaround time can improve
  • Can be expensive

3. Riverside

Average Pricing: Undisclosed

Target Industries: Economy, Healthcare, Business, Development, I.T.

Top Clients: Microsoft, Netflix, Marvel, NPR

Who They Are:

Riverside is a corporate video production company that excels in offering a user-friendly platform for podcasts and videos. They create video marketing that reaches the audience.


  • User-friendly platform
  • Offers services for individuals and business
  • Provides a clear overview of services


  • Undisclosed costings
  • Deadline commitments can improve

4. ThinkMojo

Average Pricing: Starts at $5,000

Target Industries: Business, Healthcare, I.T., Technology, Marketing

Top Clients: Discord, Square, OpenSea, Zendesk,

Who They Are:

ThinkMojo is a corporate video company that stands out for pioneering video content since 2012. They have helped multiple organizations to effectively convey their products, technologies, and ideas using high-quality videos.


  • Proven track record (Consistently impressed clients)
  • Work with a global team of creative specialists
  • Producing clear and concise content since 2012


  • The video creation process timeline can be better
  • Chances for high cost

5. Signature Video Group

Average Pricing: Starts at $25,000

Target Industries: Tech, Real Estate, Restaurants, Government, Non-Profit

Top Clients: PayProp, Intel, Bizon, LiCycle

Who They Are:

Signature Video Group is renowned for its corporate video service and compelling stories for small and startup businesses. Their video experts, editors, and writers help generate leads for top-notch clients.


  • Award-winning corporate video service
  • Engaging and compelling storytelling
  • A clear focus on client success


  • Pricing transparency can be better
  • Needs to cope with the latest technology

6. Veracity Colab

Average Pricing: Starts at $10,000

Target Industries: Tech, School, Government, E-commerce, Marketing, Established Enterprise

Top Clients: Adidas, eBay, Google, Adobe, Epson

Who They Are:

Veracity Colab is known for creating the best corporate videos that delight, inspire, and educate audiences. Their explainer videos have built long-lasting relationships with customers.

The corporate video production company drives sales performance and incomparable creativity.


  • Notable and impressive video production experience
  • A high percentage of repeat clients
  • Efficient and effective video production services


  • Limited pricing information
  • Conveying complex ideas can be better

7. Dot

Average Pricing: Undisclosed

Target Industries: Real Estate, Social Media, Corporate, Event, Live Streaming

Top Clients: PGA, SVA, Weber

Who They Are:

Dot is a corporate video production company based in the Chicagoland area. They offer high-end video production at affordable cost and tailored to the client’s needs.

As a leading corporate video production company, they continuously provide impactful video solutions and top-notch product shoots.


  • Affordable services
  • A diverse range of solutions
  • Well-trained and experienced crews


  • Limited details on pricing
  • The turnaround timeline can be better

8. Sparkhouse

Average Pricing: Starts at $20,000

Target Industries: Social Media, Retail, Established Business, Education

Top Clients: BriskIt, HPC, Denso, Quest, Hakoo

Who They Are:

Spakrhouse is one of the video production companies based in Orange County, and they are famous for their award-winning videos and dedicated team members.

They produce educational videos, music videos, and corporate videos with collaboration, transparency, and communication.


  • A unique but effective storytelling approach
  • Impressive production experience
  • High client satisfaction


  • Entertainment and information need more balance
  • Can be expensive

9. Sandwich Video

Average Pricing: Undisclosed

Target Industries: T.V. Spots, Documentaries, Testimonials, Retail, Established Enterprise

Top Clients: Slack, IPSY, Wisitia, Computer Show

Who They Are:

Sandwich was founded by accident and was initially designed to make apps, but they succeeded in making fun videos. The video agency aims to help businesses using remarkable corporate and educational videos.


  • Work with a focused and dedicated team
  • Unique approach
  • Impressive company content


  • Limited pricing information
  • Needs adaptation to current technology trend

10. Yans Media

Average Pricing: Starts at $4,500

Target Industries: B2B, Finance, Education, Advertising, Healthcare

Top Clients: DotShop, Solana, Varpet, Carakit, Intel

Who They Are:

Yans Media elevates businesses with its captivating company video projects. They offer animated corporate video production services to convey brand awareness and attract more clients.


  • Impressive portfolio and client feedback
  • Well-organized process
  • Engaging and creative approach


  • Customer service can be better
  • Transparency in costing can improve

Do you want to work with a top-notch corporate video production company that will take your story to new heights and drive results [2]? VidiFit quiz can be your first step in elevating your brand. In just 90 seconds, you can get an instant high-level estimation and identify the type of clips that suits your needs.

11. Rocketwheel

Average Pricing: Starts at $6,000

Target Industries: B2B, SaaS, Education, Healthcare

Top Clients: Akamai, Telemate, Integrate Ideas

Who They Are:

Whether you need a full process or post-production services for your company, Rocketwheel is a corporate video agency you can count on.

Rocketwheel continuously delivers video content with the best creative output.


  • Personal touch from the marketing manager and owners
  • Clear and concise service offerings
  • Expertise and experience are evident


  • Can be expensive
  • Time-consuming process

12. Wyzowl

Average Pricing: Undisclosed

Target Industries: Social Media, Healthcare, Retail, and Marketing

Top Clients: Kodak, Autodesk, LG, Amazon

Who They Are:

For over a decade, Wyzol has stood out for its wealth of experience and innovative approach. The corporate production company has created over 3,000 animated video explainers across 40 countries.


  • Highly experienced
  • Wide variety of video styles
  • Worldwide service


  • Fixed but undisclosed pricing
  • Turnaround time can improve

13. Rip Media Group

Average Pricing: Starts at $1000

Target Industries: Science, B2B, Non-Profit

Top Clients: Hitachi, Deloitte, Dreambox

Who They Are:

Rip Media Group skillfully weaves narratives and creates strong emotional connections in the audience. The final product always captivates the client’s attention, thanks to the unmatched flexibility of the video company.


  • Expertise in storyboarding and editing
  • Creates an impactful and emotional connection with the audience
  • Versatile video style options


  • Time-consuming process
  • Equipment needs upgrade

14. Malix Media

Average Pricing: Undisclosed

Target Industries: Startups and Established Enterprise

Top Clients: Cape Maye Brewing Company, Humanize, Hydrocap

Who They Are:

Malix Media is a video company that has crafted captivating videos since 2013. Their non-traditional approach sparks emotions and builds connections with target clients.

They serve clients worldwide and offer commitment with every budget and company.

You can also check out some of the highly-rated training video production services here.


  • Creates captivating and meaningful content
  • Has strong relationships with clients and companies
  • Work with a versatile and creative media team


  • Customer service needs improvement
  • Limited pricing information

15. Explainify

Average Pricing: Starts at $1500

Target Industries: Marketing, Healthcare, Lifestyle

Top Clients: Bosch, Helix Sleep, Kinematics

Who They Are:

Explanify is a market leader in high-quality explainers. They excel in converting complex messages to simple and engaging short videos.


  • Clear service description
  • Proven client success
  • Work with an expert and well-trained team


  • Time-consuming process
  • The final product can be better using the latest technology

16. Demo Duck

Average Pricing: Starts at $1500

Target Industries: Science, Technology, I.T., Marketing

Top Clients: Cisco, Google, Netflix, Dropbox

Who They Are:

Demo Duck has been a creative video company since 2011, and they are into different businesses and brands to create video concepts that solve problems and engage viewers.

They are experts in instructional design, live-action, and animation.


  • Highlights expertise & experience
  • Focused on result-driven content
  • Impressive live-action and animation content


  • Client coordination can be better
  • Detailed pricing can be considered

17. Epipheo

Average Pricing: Undisclosed

Target Industries: B2B, B2C, Marketing, Financial, Healthcare

Top Clients: Epson, Google, P&G, Microsoft

Who They Are:

Epipheo is a production agency that uncovers the essence of businesses and transforms it into compelling animation and content—using their unique process and talented team.


  • Diverse industry expertise
  • Work with talented and professional team members
  • Well-coordinated workflow


  • Transparent pricing is encourage
  • The turnaround time could improve

18. LAI Video

Average Pricing: Undisclosed

Target Industries: Education, Technology, Healthcare, Real Estate

Top Clients: U.S. Department of State, Amazon, Octo Consulting

Who They Are:

LAI Video is a top-notch production agency based in Washington, D.C., with a team of creative, intelligent, and skilled marketers committed to excellence.

They bring brands to life through motion graphics, animation, and live-action shoots.


  • Award-winning and coordinated process
  • Diverse expertise in motion graphics
  • Engaging and creative campaigns


  • Non-disclosed pricing
  • Video quality can be better

19. Blue Carrot

Average Pricing: Starts at $5,000

Target Industries: SaaS, Digital Services, Marketing

Top Clients: United Nations, DNB, KOA, Air Products

Who They Are:

Blue Carrot is a full-cycle studio with over 300 marketing and e-learning videos. They match the client’s business goals [3] with engaging storytelling that inspires, educates, and entertains.


  • Accurate and informative content
  • Impressive client base
  • Provides creative and detailed workflow


  • Limited information on other pricing
  • Customer experience and responsiveness can be better

20. Next Day Animations

Average Pricing: Starts at $7500

Target Industries: Corporate, Tech, Marketing

Top Clients: Home Depot, AARP, Efficiency Vermont

Who They Are:

Next Day Animations specializes in explainer animations, and their award-winning team creates engaging videos to effectively communication complex ideas.


  • Award-winning and engaging explainers
  • Diverse illustration and voiceover talents
  • Impressive turnaround timeline


  • Global reach can improve
  • Possible creative differences

Are you seeking a top-tier corporate video production company to elevate your brand and achieve remarkable results? Take the VidiFit quiz – a 90-second assessment that provides an instant high-level estimation and helps identify the perfect video type for your requirements.

What’s A Corporate Video Production?

Corporate video production involves creating videos for businesses and organizations to promote their products and services or convey important messages to their audience.

Vidico offers reasonable pricing for corporate video production, making it an affordable option for businesses. Try our VidiFit quiz for free!

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Video Production Company


When selecting a video production company, consider their pricing models and packages to ensure they align with your budget and project requirements.


Evaluate the company’s portfolio and previous work to gauge the quality of its video productions. Look for professionalism, creativity, and overall value.


Choose a company that listens to your needs, provides clear updates, and maintains open lines of communication throughout the process. This should be on top of your video production guide and checklist.

Client Feedback

Check reviews and testimonials from past clients to gain insights into the company’s reliability, customer service, and ability to meet expectations. Positive feedback is a good sign of a reputable partner.

Why Work With Vidico

Reasonable Pricing

We strive to keep our pricing accessible, making them an attractive option for businesses of various sizes and budgets. This affordability ensures that clients get exceptional value for their investment in professional video content.

We have a list of the most recommended professional video production firms here.


We honed our craft through years of experience. Our industry knowledge allows us to create engaging, impactful, and effective videos that convey the client’s message and captivate their target audience.

High-End Visual Quality

The combination of artistic excellence and technical expertise ensures that your brand’s message is conveyed with utmost clarity and creativity, elevating your project to a new level.

Corporate Videos FAQs

Why is corporate video production important?

Corporate video production is essential for effective communication, brand storytelling, and engaging audiences. It helps businesses convey their message, showcase products, and build a solid online presence.

How much does a corporate video cost?

Prices can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. The cost varies based on factors like length and complexity.

How long should a corporate video be?

Generally, a company video can be around 1-3 minutes, ensuring better engagement and retention of key messages.

In Summary

Discover the perfect video for your marketing goals [4] and receive an instant cost estimate with our VidiFit quiz. Start now and get a clear pricing range in just 90 seconds.

Book a meeting with our team for personalized assistance for multiple videos or custom projects. Let’s create something amazing together!


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