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20 Best Explainer Videos That Stand Out (2024 Updated)

Laura Chaves
December 21, 2023

Explainer videos have become essential in marketing, education, and communication.

These short, engaging videos are designed to simplify complex ideas, products, or services in a way that is easy to understand and retain.

Let us explore some of the best explainer videos from various industries and niches that will help you gain a more profound understanding of the strategies, techniques, and creativity that go into crafting these influential videos.


    Top 20 Explainer Videos Worth Watching

    1. Zeelo x Vidico

    Average Pricing: Starts at $5000

    What Makes It Stand Out: Zeelo’s explainer video made by Vidico stands out due to its visually appealing animation, well-crafted narration, clear messaging, and emphasis on data-driven solutions.

    The voice-over artist’s tone and pacing are well-suited to the subject matter, making it easy for the audience to follow along. Also, our [1] animation adds a dynamic element that keeps the audience engaged.

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    2. Vidico x Paragon One Animated Explainer Video

    Average Pricing: Starts at $5000

    What Makes It Stand Out: The next explainer video is from Paragon One. In around 90 seconds, Vidico created the best explainer video that catches the audience’s attention, drives engagement, and increases sales.

    The animated explainer video brings positive change in underserved communities through work-based learning experiences.

    After watching the great explainer video, it effectively conveys the value and impact of the Externship program.

    3. Fonolo Explainer Video

    What Makes It Stand Out: The Animation Explainers’ video for Fonolo stands out due to its straightforward problem-solving approach, engaging animation, concise messaging, and visual storytelling.

    It effectively communicates the value of Fonolo’s callback technology in a visually appealing and informative manner, making it a great example of a video in the IT and software industry.

    4. Dropbox

    What Makes It Stand Out: Dropbox videos are some of the best-animated explainer videos in the industry due to their inspirational message, engaging narration, and visually appealing animation.

    In less than one minute, the explainer video effectively communicates Dropbox’s mission and values while showcasing the impact of great ideas within the organization.

    5. Cisco

    What Makes It Stand Out: Cisco’s less than 3-minute explainer video effectively conveys the importance of trust-centric security in today’s dynamic IT landscape [2].

    The narration and animation are clear and captivating, guiding viewers through trust-centric security and its relevance in modern IT.

    6. HubSpot

    What Makes It Stand Out: HubSpot’s explainer video on artificial intelligence (AI) is an excellent example of educational content.

    The explainer video excels in breaking down complex concepts into understandable terms. This clarity ensures that viewers with minimal prior knowledge can follow the content.

    7. Ikea

    What Makes It Stand Out: IKEA’s CSR awareness video is a perfect example of how explainer video techniques can be adapted to convey social messages effectively.

    The animated video excels in terms of visual storytelling. Using camera movements, lighting, and motion graphics creates a visually compelling narrative.

    The choice of gentle music enhances the emotional tone of the video. It complements the visuals and script, creating a harmonious and moving viewing experience for the target audience.

    8. PandaDoc

    What Makes It Stand Out: PandaDoc’s all-in-one proposal software simplifies the proposal process.

    Their animated explainer video showcased the user-friendly features, extensive template library, seamless signature integration, CRM compatibility, analytics tools, and commitment to a customer-centric approach to the brand.

    9. Paypal

    What Makes It Stand Out: PayPal’s “People Rule” campaign, accompanied by this explainer video, is a good example of blending animation with live action seamlessly, reminiscent of the visually captivating style seen in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.”

    The animation and live-action fusion draws viewers into a world where animated characters coexist with real people, making it memorable and unique.

    Despite its creative approach, the animated video demonstrates how PayPal works.

    10. Duolingo

    What Makes It Stand Out: Duolingo’s explainer video is a testament to its mission of providing free and accessible language education. The fun video has an impressive animation and an upbeat soundtrack that resonates with a global audience.

    Thanks to its clear and concise script, the video relies solely on animation to convey its message. Animation is an excellent medium for simplifying complex ideas, making it accessible to a broad audience.

    11. Fiverr

    What Makes It Stand Out: Fiverr’s explainer video effectively communicates the platform’s value proposition and services to its users.

    The video follows four entrepreneurs on their “Fiverr Journey,” showcasing real-world examples of individuals benefiting from the platform’s services.

    12. Tech Insider

    What Makes It Stand Out: The explainer video sets a remarkable example of how to create engaging content for viewers with curious or geeky questions.

    The curiosity factor in one of the animated explainer video examples of Tech Insider is a great tool to maintain viewer interest. It hooks viewers from the beginning and keeps them engaged throughout.

    13. Intercom

    What Makes It Stand Out: Intercom’s explainer video is compelling and engaging content highlighting its mission and value proposition.

    The narrator’s tone is clear, confident, and relatable, immediately drawing viewers into the message.

    The video used cute character animation to tell its story visually. This approach makes the content more dynamic and relatable as viewers can connect with the characters and scenarios presented.

    14. Final

    What Makes It Stand Out: Final’s explainer video effectively communicates its credit card service’s key features and benefits.

    Unlike some explainer video examples, they use a relatable character with simple animations. The product explainer video explains how their product works.

    15. Crazy Egg

    What Makes It Stand Out: The explainer video from Crazy Egg successfully simplifies its product’s features and benefits for a non-technical audience.

    The video uses visuals, clear language, and subtle CTAs to engage viewers and new users and encourage them to explore the product further, making it an excellent tool for marketing videos.

    16. Airbnb

    What Makes It Stand Out: Airbnb’s explainer video effectively communicates the brand’s core message: the ability to “Belong Anywhere” through unique and personalized travel experiences.

    It is one of the best explainer video examples with engaging narration and emotional resonance. The handmade miniature world is visually captivating and showcases attention to detail.

    17. TripCase

    What Makes It Stand Out: TripCase’s explainer video effectively communicates the benefits of its travel management app.

    The video maintains a concise and engaging narrative, delivering the key points without unnecessary elaboration, keeping viewers’ attention.

    18. Mint

    What Makes It Stand Out:’s awesome explainer video effectively conveys its personal finance platform’s value and ease of use.

    The video delivers a comprehensive overview of Mint’s features in just 1 minute and 31 seconds.

    Its efficiency, visual storytelling, creative sound effects, and clear CTA make it an excellent example of how to engage and inform viewers about a complex product or service in a short timeframe.

    19. Stitch Fix

    What Makes It Stand Out: Stitch Fix’s explainer video excels in conveying its value proposition, addressing potential customer questions, and maintaining viewer engagement through visuals and a clear, positive message.

    Instead of animated explainer videos, they used a live-action video explainer so viewers could easily understand how the service worked and its benefits.

    20. Braintree

    What Makes It Stand Out: This explainer video by Braintree effectively simplifies the process of accepting payments for new businesses.

    The video uses straightforward language and a step-by-step approach to explain the payment process.

    While the visuals in this video are relatively simple, they are highly effective in illustrating each step of the payment process.

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    What is a good explainer video?

    A good and unique explainer video has a concise and engaging visual narrative that effectively conveys complex ideas or information in a simple, relatable manner.

    It combines compelling visuals, straightforward storytelling, and a compelling call to action to educate, entertain, and encourage new customers to try the brand or actual product.

    Are explainer videos still effective?

    Yes, explainer videos [3] are still highly effective. They remain a valuable tool for businesses and organizations to communicate their messages concisely and engagingly.

    In a world with short attention spans, animated videos can quickly capture the audience’s interest, simplify complex concepts, and drive desired actions.

    Why are explainer videos popular?

    Explainer videos remain highly effective due to their concise, engaging, and visually appealing nature. They simplify complex concepts, make information accessible, and are versatile across platforms.

    With shorter attention spans today, a short video with upbeat music and simple visuals can capture the interest of potential customers [4].

    In Conclusion

    The explainer video examples above are a testament to the art of effective communication. They leverage concise scripting, captivating visuals, and engaging narratives to simplify complex ideas, educate, and inspire action.

    These amazing explainer videos serve as invaluable tools in various fields, from marketing to education, demonstrating the enduring power of visual storytelling in the digital age.

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