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The Top 10 Best Explainer Videos | Examples for 2020

If you want to create the best explainer videos, you need to learn from the best! With that in mind, below are some of the best explainer videos reviewed by Vidico, all created for innovative companies: 1. TripCase Travel App…

The Top 10 Best Explainer Videos | Examples for 2020

If you want to create the best explainer videos, you need to learn from the best! With that in mind, below are some of the best explainer videos reviewed by Vidico, all created for innovative companies:

1. TripCase Travel App

Explainer videos work well when they highlight the pain points that the target customers are experiencing.

What makes the TripCase Travel App explainer video amazing is that it presses on the pain point subtly yet repeatedly.

But more than that, the video shows a visual representation of the effects of their product. All over the video, you can see a lot of flustered and stressed out travelers in a rush. On the other hand, the narrator (the one using their app) remains calm and collected throughout.

2. Airwallex Explainer Video

We all believe that personal finance management is essential. However, Airwallex shows how powerful finance management can be if you take advantage of technology.

Since what they are offering is already complicated in itself, Airwallex decided to keep their explainer video as simple and straight to the point as possible. Instead of going all out by discussing their add-ons and subscription types, the video focused on providing their viewers an overview of what they are offering.

Because of this, they piqued their interest and compelled them to watch more videos and know more about their product.

3. Uber Eats Explainer Video

Uber Eats is here to change the way you manage your restaurant. However, what they are offering is still relatively new. That’s why they decided to make their explainer videos as informative as possible.

In the video, they show the app’s interface, what it can do, what you can do through it, and how it can make restaurant management more effortless. And they do it in the most animated way possible, which is bound to attract more viewers.

4. Digital Ocean

One of the reasons why the products of tech companies don’t sell is because people are intimidated by them. The best way to address that is to use your explainer video to teach people how to use it and dispel any sense of confusion around your product offering.

Digital Ocean did this by showing how their products and services are used from the highest level — think basics, and simple language without feeling the need to always talk in tech-speak. By educating viewers, they help address any doubts that they may have. At the same time, they are highlighting the value that the products will bring to their tech applications.

5. Sargon

Talking about financial service platforms can be quite dull. However, Sargon made it fun, exciting, and even entertaining.

The video starts with explaining the target market’s pain point in the most basic way possible.  This is a breath of fresh air as compared to other financial service videos that begin with a salesman and a whiteboard with a few line graphs.

6. Amazon Go

We are already aware of how Amazon’s service offering can be beneficial for us. However, when they introduced Amazon Go, it was not clear for a lot of people why they should give this new product a try. It looked like something a decade ahead of its time.

Because of the novelty of their product’s concept, the company took the time to lead its viewers through a step-by-step guide on how they can use it.

As a result, people became familiar with how their offering works. And, a bonus point is that the video helped position the company as a market leader in their industry.

7. Airalo

The concept of Airalo is new, and a lot of consumers have no idea what an eSim is, or even that it’s sitting right within their smart phone. Since the idea of their product is pretty straightforward, they keep their explanation as simple as possible.

The great thing about their video is that their branding is highlighted in every scene, boosting their brand recognition and helping Airalo stick in the mind of viewers long after the video is complete. If you imagine this as a high frequency ad on social, you begin to see the power of how having consistent branding can work to engage a consumer’s memory or recall.

8. BotCentral

Explainer videos are not just about providing all the information about your products to the viewers. Sometimes, the goal of an explainer video is to connect to the audience so they will feel the need to know more about the product and move to a new stage in the funnel.

That’s what BotCentral did with their explainer video. The first portion of the video showed a side of the marketing and communications industry that their target market can surely relate to.

They show marketers that they know what they are going through. With this connection, they gain the trust of their clients, allowing them to be more open with what they have to offer.

9. RMIT University Explainer Video

What makes this one of the best explainer videos out there is it features lots of cultural diversity, and focuses on inclusivity as a value.

Aside from stating the pain points themselves, RMIT made the features of the platform very easy to understand for both students and alumni.

10. Moov

Just like with Amazon Go, Moov decided to use real people in their explainer video. But instead of the people their target market can relate to, they chose to showcase people who they look up to—subtly implying that they too can reach their fitness goals by using the app.

Final Thoughts

  1. The best explainer videos aren’t boring — they want to make you stay and watch all the way to the finish.
  2. The best explainer videos show that with creativity, you can pique the interest and connect at an emotional level of your target market. All the while selling your unique product, service, and brand.
  3. The best explainer videos are succinct — try and keep it between 60 seconds and 90 seconds for the best possible performance.
  4. The best explainer videos have a clear call to action — repeat this once at the beginning, middle and end.

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