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8 Best Explainer Video Production Companies in 2024

With every company screaming they’re the best, it can be hard to make a sound choice. Here’s our top 6 explainer video production companies.

Michael Pirone
March 27, 2022

Explainer videos are the best way to showcase a product or service to your target audience. Motion graphics and animated videos help make complex information more accessible and easier to understand and allow you to demonstrate how to use your product or service.

But before achieving this, you need to screen existing explainer video production companies and choose the best to produce your video.

With all the top explainer video companies screaming they’re the best, it can take a lot of work to make a sound choice.

In this article, we’ll provide you with an honest opinion about eight notable explainer video production companies you can choose from.

Then, we’ll provide the core elements you must consider before choosing the right explainer video company for your video content marketing.

Note: If you are looking for an explainer video production company that knows its craft and can turn complex ideas simple, Vidico is for you. Our explainer videos have received over one billion engagements, and we’ve worked with companies like Uber, Amazon, Airwallex, and many others. Check our portfolio here.


    Top 8 Explainer Video Companies To Choose From

    1. Vidico

    Clients: Spotify, Airtable, Square, Digital Ocean, Temple & Webster, Finder, and many more.

    Target Industries: SaaS, Non-Profit, Seed Startups, Series Startups, Industrial, Finance, E-commerce & Retail, Established Enterprise, and more

    Average Pricing: Starts at $5000

    Who We Are: Vidico has a proven track record of service, the best logistics, and a top-notch team that makes our agency unbeatable for any creative requirement.

    Depending on your marketing strategy, we can provide fantastic animated commercials, motion graphics videos, and different video production services.

    We have over five years of experience in video production in all SaaS and eCommerce verticals, including B2B and B2C.

    Our explainer video company has a rich portfolio of explainer videos and video animation services produced for high-profile companies like Amazon, Uber, Samsung, Spotify, Airwallex, and more.

    We are not just an explainer video company; we also produce live-action videos, crowdfunding videos, case studies, educational videos, personalized videos, testimonial videos, career videos, and more.

    Our explainer video production agency consists of video and animation professionals with top-notch logistics to meet any creative requirement to create intriguing visuals, animations, and scripts that are both enticing and easy to understand.

    Case in point, Vidico can provide a top-notch animated explainer video production service with combined 2D and 3D graphic animation techniques and custom live-action clips to create explainer videos for their clients. They can create videos with billions of views and five-star reviews across all platforms.

    Ready to create impactful and high-quality videos? Use our VidiFit Quiz and discover the ideal video type tailored to your goals in 90 seconds. With our VidiFit, you can get a high-level cost estimation and make informed decisions.

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    2. Jumbla

    Clients: ADSTAR, Prime, Netflix, Toyota, Microsoft Studios

    Target Industries: Entertainment, Established Enterprise, Retail, Startups

    Who They Are: Jumbla is an explainer video agency specializing in animation and motion graphics. The explainer video agency identifies itself as “one of the world’s market-leading animated explainer video companies,” they have a background that vouches for them and speaks volumes.

    The company has over ten years of experience in video production. They have built a rich portfolio of industry-leading companies like Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC, Toyota, Microsoft Studio, and more.

    With a team of talented artists and cutting-edge technology, Jumbla continues to push boundaries, bringing imagination to video and captivating audiences worldwide with its awe-inspiring explainer video production services.

    3. Motionlab

    Clients: NN Insurance Company, Insia, Uniqa,, KB, HBO

    Target Industries: Finance, E-commerce, Utility, Event Organizations

    Who They Are: Motionlab is an explainer video studio that helps its clients convey their brand messages in an easy-to-digest and visually appealing way. They take a unique approach to video productions that allows them to provide excellent explainer video services.

    The company specializes in producing animation explainer videos and has seen its works broadcast in television advertising and digital marketing across the web. Motionlab also counts clients worldwide and has served some of Australia’s most famous companies.

    With their commitment to excellence and creativity, MotionLab empowers brands to communicate their stories effectively and captivate audiences with animated explainer videos and product demos.

    4. Epipheo

    Clients: IRacing, Zelle, Medly, Spotter, P&G Sustainability, Epson

    Target Industries: B2B, B2C, Cybersecurity

    Who They Are: Epipheo is one of the leading animated explainer video production agencies known for making explainer videos, brand videos, and marketing videos in San Francisco and other parts of the US.

    They have creative talents who specialize in telling the stories of brands and organizations through their animated explainer videos across a wide range of industries.

    Epipheo has been creating videos for over ten years of experience and has produced hundreds of high-quality explainer videos for different organizations, from start-ups to enterprises.

    Epipheo’s team includes 3d animators, script and storyboard designers, and strategic thinkers who can bring complex ideas to life.

    Services provided by Epipheo include animated video production, pre-production and post-production services, content marketing, advertising videos, animation production, video ad, and blog post.

    5. Fireart Studio

    Clients: Rolls Royce, ByNext, FREENOW, Toggle, Back Office, Eat

    Target Industries: Retail, Established Enterprise, Education

    Who They Are: Fireart Studio is one of the top explainer video production companies known to provide engaging videos for multiple marketing agencies and tech giants.

    It specializes in creating explainer videos that showcase the user interface to give viewers a feel of the user experience and is open to catering to different video styles.

    They combine storytelling, animations, template productions, illustrations, and data to create super creative animated explainer videos that compel the audience to watch and take action.

    They have significant experience working with companies with complex technology products and help them offer their audience a walkthrough or overview.

    With a track record of producing explainer videos since 2013, it is one of the explainer video companies with a strong portfolio of tech giants. This explainer video agency can create an awesome explainer video, animated video, and switch video.

    6. Animal Logic

    Clients: Warner Bros, Legendary Pictures, DC Comics, Marvel

    Target Industries: E-commerce, Education, Entertainment

    Who They Are: With over 30 years of award-winning design, visual effects, and animation, Animal Logic is one of the leading digital studios in the world. The company produces 2D and 3D animated videos with top-notch visual and sound quality.

    Therefore, the company’s team includes 2D and 3D animators, illustrators, script and storyboard designers, and strategic thinkers who collaborate from the beginning of the video project to its completion.

    Their team works closely with clients to determine what animation style suits your brand video. After that, they will use expertly crafted animations to tell your story and showcase your brand’s unique qualities using an explainer video.

    7. Yans Media

    Clients: Buglab, Carakit, Creatti, Stacks City, Droplet, Tilder, Hive

    Target Industries: Health, Established Enterprise, Startups

    Who They Are: Yans Media is an experienced animated video production company with a strong reputation in the video production industry. With over ten years of experience, they have created a diverse portfolio of over 300 explainer videos for clients worldwide.

    Their focus on efficient workflows allows them to offer competitive pricing without compromising quality. Yans Media takes pride in making explainer videos, delivering 100% original artwork and custom designs, and catering to a wide range of budgets and animation styles.

    Whether you have a modest budget or require a high-end production, Yans Media is dedicated to delivering exceptional animated videos that captivate audiences and effectively convey your video message.

    8. Yum Yum Videos

    Clients: Amazon, Walmart, American Express, Red Bull, Vodafone

    Target Industries: Education, E-commerce, Social Media, Health

    Who They Are: Yum Yum Videos is an efficient and reputable explainer video company known for its expertise in producing engaging and effective video content. It is an explainer video company that can create animated explainer videos tailored to the client’s specific requirements.

    Yum Yum Videos understands the power of storytelling and ensures that each video they create presents a captivating narrative that resonates with the target audience.

    They excel in creating various videos, including explainers, whiteboards, and animated motion graphics.

    With a strong focus on video customization, the animation company also provides video content with a captivating and engaging story.

    Things to Consider When Choosing an Animated Explainer Video Company for Your Animated Explainer Videos


    Experience can indicate the quality of video you should expect in the sense that the more years a company spends producing videos, the better they master the art.

    You can compare the years of service the best explainer video companies provide to measure their expertise in explainer video services.

    Vidico can help you avoid run-ons or explanatory videos that lack the key elements necessary for good results. By partnering with Vidico, you can trust their ability to deliver high-quality explainer videos that align with your goals and surpass your expectations.

    Find an estimate for your video project in minutes.
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    The portfolio is one of the most important considerations before choosing your explainer video company.

    The company claims unparalleled quality explainer videos that will blow your mind, but what about their past work?

    Portfolios from different explainer animation companies will help you identify if they can deliver exactly the type of videos you have in mind. Analyzing their previous projects allows you to gauge their creativity, storytelling techniques, video style, and overall production quality.


    When selecting an animated explainer video company, considering a niche-focused provider can bring several benefits to your video production.

    These video production companies possess industry expertise, allowing them to understand the unique requirements of your specific field and produce more viral video content.

    The best-animated explainer video company, like Vidico, can provide relevant portfolios showcasing their success in your niche; they can deliver tailored and impactful animated and live-action videos that align with your brand and goals.

    Pricing Structure

    Considering the price structure in video production is crucial, especially when choosing a video production company. It helps ensure alignment with your budget and prevents any unexpected financial burdens. Assessing the price structure allows you to evaluate the value for money the company offers.

    With Vidico, you don’t need to wait for an email quotation because they have a VidiFit quiz that can help you find the right video to meet your marketing goals and the cost of creating videos.

    By leveraging this innovative tool, you can find the right video package tailored to your needs, ensuring a cost-effective and efficient video process.

    Production Process

    Videos are more challenging to produce than other types of content. A video demand for more creative efforts and explainer videos are no different. Choose a different explainer video production company if an explainer video production company can’t explain its production process clearly.

    The interest in considering the explainer video production process before selecting a company allows you to know how your video will be produced, especially your involvement level.

    The best explainer video companies will give you a clear and well-articulated picture of all the activities involved in the entire process, the timelines, the requirements, and potentially the people or teams involved.

    Animated explainer video companies like Vidico can create videos tailored to everybody’s needs. They can provide the details on the pre-production process to the post-production process and keep you updated every step of the way.


    An animated explainer video can be used as an umbrella marketing strategy, so a clear content calendar and deadlines must be noted if you are looking for the best animated explainer video company.

    Granted, video production timelines always vary, but creating videos within the timeline set by the client is Vidico’s top priority.

    Our explainer video production company prioritizes effective project management, closely monitoring the content calendar to ensure the timely delivery of high-quality animated explainer videos.

    This dedication to meeting video deadlines ensures that your marketing initiatives are executed on time, maximizing their impact and achieving your desired outcomes.


    Vidico is a flexible video production for explainer videos that offers customization options that allow you to tailor your video’s style, tone, and messaging to match your brand and target audience. It ensures that the final product aligns with your vision and goals.

    Additionally, flexibility in terms of revisions and iterations is essential. It lets you provide feedback and make necessary adjustments throughout production, ensuring the video meets your expectations.

    Vidico embraces flexibility and demonstrates its commitment to delivering a product that meets your specific needs and ensures successful collaboration and award-winning content.


    A high-quality video reflects positively on your brand because it engages viewers and leaves a lasting impression. Quality videos exhibit professionalism and attention to detail, effectively conveying your message and enhancing credibility.

    The best explainer video company should captivate audiences, increase viewer retention, and boost conversion rates.

    Before choosing a video production company to produce your explainer videos, you need to be sure they’re the right company and have what it takes to do the job.

    The best explainer video companies with a track record of producing top-notch template videos will have the expertise, resources, and technical skills to deliver exceptional results.

    By prioritizing quality, Vidico ensures that your explainer video stands out, effectively communicates your message, and positively impacts your target audience.

    Current Trends in Explainer Video Production

    • Augmented Reality (AR): AR revolutionizes explainer videos by creating immersive experiences. Companies are now integrating AR to allow viewers to interact with the product or service in a simulated environment. This technology makes explainer videos more engaging and memorable, offering a hands-on experience beyond traditional video.
    • AI-Driven Content Creation: AI technology is being used to automate parts of the video production process, such as scriptwriting and editing. Some companies are leveraging AI to analyze viewer data and preferences, allowing for the creation of more targeted and effective explainer videos. AI can also assist in optimizing video content for different platforms and audiences.
    • Inclusion of User-Generated Content: Some companies incorporate user-generated content into their videos. This approach adds authenticity and relatability as real customers or users share their experiences or demonstrate the product.
    • Voice Search Optimization: As voice search becomes more prevalent, companies are optimizing their explainer videos for voice search. This involves using natural language and question-based phrases in the video’s script and metadata, making them more likely to be picked up by voice search algorithms
    • 3D Animation and Virtual Environments: There’s a growing trend towards using 3D animation and virtual environments in explainer videos. Companies are investing in these technologies to create more dynamic and visually captivating videos that stand out in a crowded digital landscape.
    • Sustainability and Social Responsibility: Reflecting global concerns, explainer videos increasingly focus on sustainability and social responsibility themes. Companies adapt by highlighting their eco-friendly practices or social impact in their videos, resonating with viewers who value these issues.


    What is an explainer video?

    An explainer video is a concise and engaging video that aims to explain a product, service, or concept clearly and compellingly. The video uses visual storytelling, animation, and narration to simplify complex ideas and captivate the audience’s attention.

    What is explainer video production?

    An explainer video is a concise online marketing video designed to provide a clear and engaging explanation of a company’s product or service.

    Explainer videos aim to capture viewers’ attention and communicate critical information about the offering in a visually appealing and easily understandable manner.

    Why do I need an explainer video?

    Explainer videos can effectively communicate your value proposition, educate customers about your product or service, increase brand awareness, engage and captivate the audience, and drive conversions and sales.

    An explainer video offers a concise and visually appealing way to showcase the benefits and features of your offering, making it easier for viewers to understand and connect with your brand.

    How much does a 30-second explainer video cost?

    The cost of a 30-second explainer video can vary depending on factors such as animation style, complexity, quality, and the production company’s rates.

    Prices on each explainer video can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. You don’t need to wait for an email quotation to determine how much your explainer video costs. Check out our VidiFit quiz for a more accurate estimate based on your requirements.

    Are explainer videos still popular?

    Yes, explainer videos are popular because they effectively convey information and engage audiences.

    An amazing explainer video provides a visually engaging and concise format that quickly captures viewers’ attention and delivers messages.

    With the rise of online platforms and social media, explainer videos remain popular for businesses to communicate their offerings and stand out in a competitive market.

    How long is the average explainer video?

    The average length of an explainer video typically ranges from 60 to 90 seconds. The video duration allows for concise and focused storytelling while maintaining viewer engagement.

    However, the ideal length may vary depending on the complexity of the message and the target audience’s attention span. The video length should align with the viewer’s attention span, even if created in an engaging manner.

    How long does it take to make an explainer video?

    On average, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months to complete the production process of an explainer video, ensuring that all elements are meticulously crafted and aligned with the client’s objectives.

    The time required to make an explainer video depends on complexity, script development, revisions, and locations like Melbourne, Australia, or San Francisco, USA.

    Why Vidico Is The Best Explainer Video Production Company Option For You

    Vidico sets itself apart as the ultimate choice for explainer video production. Our approach revolves around understanding the purpose behind each client’s video and ensuring that all requirements are met. We craft our creative process to serve both your objectives and those of your target audience, ensuring the video delivers genuine value.

    Our unique production process distinguishes us, positioning us as an extension of your marketing team. We collaborate closely with you to create explainer videos that meet your expectations and resonate deeply with your viewers.

    Even if you’re new to video marketing, our team possesses the strategic expertise to guide you seamlessly through the process, guaranteeing unparalleled satisfaction.

    Ready to get started with your explainer video? Check our portfolio and get an instant quote using the VidiFit quiz here

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