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10 Best Corporate Video Examples For 2024

Michael Pirone
November 6, 2023

The Best Video Ads For Tech & SaaS

Companies are increasingly turning to corporate video production to boost awareness and hit their goal.

And it’s not limited to product video marketing departments. Corporate videos help build trust with customers, prospects, future employees, and investors.

These videos come in all shapes and sizes to adapt perfectly to the brand and their purpose. Whether motion graphics, animation, or live-action, videos bring stories to life by leveraging captivating visuals and narratives.

We’ve put together ten great corporate video examples that demonstrate how we’ve creatively adapted them for different industries like SaaS, tech startups, e-commerce, FinTech, and more. These videos can inspire your own video strategy.


    What is Corporate Video?

    Corporate videos are a type of video content companies make to raise awareness of their brand, company, or products and promote them. It usually gives an overview of the business as a whole instead of going into detail about each product or service.

    Corporate videos often combine talking heads, visuals, animations, background music, and narration to create a powerful message that sticks with viewers. Also, these videos are often used for recruiting campaigns, covering corporate events, communicating with employees, and launching new products.

    Corporate Videos: Why Are They Necessary?

    Corporate videos are needed for many reasons around the world. They provide an effective message across the business to get your company noticed and remembered by potential customers, as well as a way to share your company’s values. Corporate videos can also help build trust and credibility with viewers, making them more comfortable buying from you.

    Corporate videos can also help build a sense of community, and This is a fantastic method for brands to reach their customers. Corporate videos are a great way for businesses that want to reach more people to show off their products or services creatively and interestingly.

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    10 Best Corporate Video Examples For Your Company

    Inspiration is a powerful thing. Don’t worry if you haven’t started planning your company video marketing strategy yet; we’ve got some fantastic examples to help you get started.

    Square Retail

    The Square Retail video by Vidico is an amazing corporate video example that educates sellers about Square’s new channel integrations. This powerful video communicates the ease of selling across multiple channels without the hassle of opening recent locations. 

    It shows sellers can use online media to find all their options and easily reach more customers. The video focuses on the difficulties many small business owners face when expanding their operations across multiple channels.

    It then discusses how Square makes this process easier and more streamlined, showing off features like automated inventory management, order fulfillment, and built-in customer support. The images show how businesses can quickly get more customers with little work and how reliable Square’s platform is. 

    Overall, the Square Retail video by Vidico is a great example of a corporate video. It has a clear message and beautiful pictures that help get the point across. Its seamless integration with existing platforms makes it easy for businesses to expand their operations without incurring additional costs or disruptions in service.

    Spotify Podcasts

    It is one of the best corporate video examples due to its vibrant visuals and sleek transitions. Vidico worked with Spotify to create a live-action brand video to showcase the power of their podcast platform. The creative identity was based on stylized settings, colored backgrounds, and key transitions.

    The creative message focused on highlighting the two-sided nature of Spotify and Podcast Shorts – the creation environment and the listening environment – featuring both clean and minimal aesthetics. The smooth transitions between the two environments effectively conveyed an emotional story rooted in creativity and exploration.

    With bright colors and dreamy landscapes, it captured moments of inspiration that encouraged viewers to explore their podcasting journeys. This unique approach allowed for multiple interpretations of a typical corporate video, setting new standards for how an organization can engage with its audiences.

    Vimeo Enterprise

    Vimeo Enterprise worked with Vidico and offered some great corporate video examples that help large companies reach their audience effectively. Its powerful features let you make dynamic and exciting videos, which can help your marketing campaigns succeed.

    For instance, Vimeo Enterprise enables users to showcase their products and services with stunning visuals backed by impactful audio. It also gives companies advanced analytics and insights to see how well their videos are doing and make changes as needed.

    Moreover, it also supports live streaming and virtual events, making it easy to engage customers in real time. Vimeo Enterprise’s robust video tools ensure businesses can create high-quality branded content that resonates with viewers.

    Check out our list of the top corporate video production companies here.

    Easy Agile

    Easy Agile is a company that creates agile software development tools for teams, helping them build customer success. They teamed up with vidico to produce a series of versatile brand animations as a core promotional video.

    The animations were upbeat, catchy, and educational; they communicated the key messages clearly without overwhelming the audience – perfect for playing at conferences or on social media.

    This was achieved by striking a balance between details and information while keeping the visuals simple and elegant. The Easy Agile brand is a good demonstration of how powerful visuals can be used to convey crucial information and keep viewers interested in a business video.

    The animation incorporated thought-provoking visuals that spoke to their target customers in an entertaining yet educational manner. Easy Agile used this corporate explainer video to create greater awareness about its product offerings and thus increase its customer base significantly.

    Crazy Domains

    Crazy Domains worked with vidico to create a series of best corporate videos that serve as an introduction to their cutting-edge domain registration services. This explainer video conveyed the company’s commitment to providing its customers with reliable, easy-to-use solutions for registering domains and managing websites.

    The corporate video starts with an introduction to Crazy Domains and its mission before transitioning into a section of the video dedicated to highlighting the features and benefits of its product or service. With eye-catching and vibrant visuals, this corporate video conveys the company’s value proposition in a simple yet effective manner.

    By emphasizing viewers’ experience and satisfaction, it effectively communicates Crazy Domains’ commitment to delivering top-notch service at an affordable price. This corporate video is an excellent example of communicating a brand’s unique offerings effectively and engaging viewers.


    Superside is a marketing tool that works with Vidico to showcase business videos. This team created two business videos that solve innovative and frequent pain concerns. The videos are visually beautiful, informative, on-brand, and communicate key messages swiftly. 

    They satisfy business needs and present interesting stories about the company’s goals and beliefs. Superside and Vidico designed corporate videos that appeal to present and new clients.

    Both firms make simple, intriguing videos in these clips. They offer an innovative visual communication technique that says volumes about the brand image.

    Comfort Works

    Comfort works’ emotive-commercial brand video established the benchmark for corporate video. Produced with Vidico, the video displays their best-selling couch covers to the sound of ‘Designing Change.’ They seamlessly transitioned between couch covers using unique camera methods to show this.

    A Vidico project manager oversaw idea and scripting, storyboarding, commercial production, and UI development. The clip illustrates Comfortwork’s commitment to motivating clients to update their home decor.

    As a top corporate film, Comfortwork’s success shows how strategic marketing, artistic vision, and technological ability can produce emotionally engaging material.


    Upfluence, an influencer platform, worked with Vidico to produce their Brand Video. Using studio backgrounds and set designs, a range of abstract settings were created to showcase why Upfluence’s services work in the era of social commerce. The video was composed of animation, UI screens, text, and live-action elements to tell the overarching story.

    Through this approach, audiences were able to understand better how Upfluence can help brands identify and manage influencers at scale to generate more sales. Storytelling tactics, as seen in this corporate film, can be utilized to create material that will stick with viewers.

    With attention-grabbing visuals and clever scripting, the Upfluence video was able to effectively communicate the brand’s core message and demonstrate their value proposition. This is a superb illustration of how attention-grabbing business videos should be made. Engage potential customers and boost brand visibility.


    Never Uncomfortable by Koala is one of the best examples of corporate videos. Vidico’s production team worked closely with Koala to create a fun and company video awarded a Platinum Muse Award. The commercial featured several UI animations, adding an extra entertainment layer.

     It was distributed full-length on YouTube Pre-Roll Ads and in shorter cut-downs on Facebook and Instagram. The storyboarding, concept, scripting, and production were all done with care at Vidico. All the hard work paid off when the commercial won multiple awards for its creativity and outstanding quality.

    Every step was overseen by a dedicated project manager who ensured everything went smoothly during the process. Koala’s corporate video is one of the best examples and shows how powerful a great video can be when created with passion and dedication.

    The Oodie

    Vidico worked closely with The Oodie to create a fun and entertaining video that educates viewers on the product’s benefits. There is a voice-over in the animated video by the main character, “Dr. Pupstein,” emphasizing The Oodie’s superiority.

    Additionally, 3D visuals are integrated throughout to illustrate the quality of Oodie’s makeup and add to the scientific theme. Throughout the video, viewers are further entertained by motion graphics and UI animations created by Vidicowork’s production team. 

    Furthermore, Vidicowork’s dedicated project manager ensured that all elements were carefully crafted together for an effective brand story. This interesting corporate video offers an entertaining education about The Oodie, making it one of the best corporate video examples in recent times.

    Wrap Up

    These corporate video examples demonstrate the power of social media marketing, creative vision, and technical expertise in creating engaging and emotionally resonant content. By combining storytelling techniques with attention-grabbing visuals, these videos can effectively communicate a brand’s message and illustrate its value propositions.

    Together, they show how effective corporate videos can capture audience attention and boost brand awareness. With our video production company, brands have a greater chance of producing outstanding work that will have a lasting impact. Contact Us To Get Started!

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